Required Heroes

​(Unable to use Horseman of Famine uniform)



  • Rogue:Nurse, i have an injury!(laugh)
  • Amelia:Very funny!
  • Rogue:Ready for battle?
  • Amelia:Show me what you can!
  • Rogue:I will, Amelia!
  • Amelia:(Turn into mist)


Amelia(2 actions per round) -> Rogue


In this Heroic battle Rogue have unique new passive called 

RogueEffect1 Classy - Chance to gain random class's positive aspects every round(60%)

Southern Comfort -> Brawl,Brawl ->......

Amelia apply AmeliaEffect1 Loosing power-[Chance to lose 10% of full health each round(35%) and apply blind(35%)] to Rogue


Empowered Iso-8 007

Lovely E-ISO adds RogueEffect2 Living for Love - Absorbing class from non-machine/non-robot target has a chance to gain an extra turn(45% chance to trigger,can trigger twice each round)

Notes and Trivia

  • Trivia
-Rogue's E-ISO passive "Living for Love"  is reference to Madonna's song "Living for Love"

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