Emma Frost

New Abilities


Powerful Telepath - Chance to do a pre-emptive attack and causes enemy' psychic attack miss

Illusionist - Chance for an enemy with weak mind to attack its own ally

Psychic Side Abilities

Levels 1: Psychic Tap

Mental Anguish
Trauma 30%
 - chance to lose a turn

Level 2 : Astral Projection


Drains enemy stamina

Astral Tactics

- Increases all stats
- Chance to dodge enemy attacks 

Level 6: Intel's Eye (All Allies) Buff Cooldown 2 rounds

Potential Skills
 - Chance to do pre- emptive counter attacks
 - Does not include subtle, psychic or stealthy attacks
 - Restores Stamina


 - increased attack & accuracy by 25%

Level 9: Mental Trauma (All Enemies )

Trauma 20%
Migraine 50%


- Triggers when stamina is low.

Diamond Side Abilities

Diamond Figure (Triggers when Fatigue applies) Ability not usable without fatigue debuff Quick Action

 - disables psychic moves and changes to organic diamond body
 Mental Shield
 - immune to psychic attacks 
 Diamond Body
 - removes debuffs

Level 1: Diamond Combat

 - chance to cause stun to single enemy
 - maximum chance to stun if an enemy has all pressure points

Level 2: Diamond Protector

 - chance to protect allies from single-target attacks
 - removes diamond figure after one round

Level 6: Diamond Tactics

Sharp Diamond
 - chance to cause bleeding and shred
Heavy Load 
- Chance cause pain 

- Combo Setup

Domino Effect
- chance to cause pressure points to enemy' with slowed

Level 9: Organic Recovery

Quick Action
 - enables and changes to psychic moves
  - disables diamond figure 3 rounds
  Time for Revenge
  -  grants 30% increased attack and accuracy

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