Originally found at User blog:Vision0/18/02/2014

Red she hulk(betty ross) idea

sprite(i was just bored so i made it) :

Class: Bruiser
cost: Spec op\Covert task\Lockbox\store
please tell me which option of them you prefer Stats:
Attack :3400
Defense :800
Accuracy :1000
Evasion :400
Passive Skills :
Really fricking strong - Has a higher chance to crit after using a melee attack and after receiving each stack of pretty cool gal.
Regenerative Healing - Reduced duration to time effects,high crit resistance. immune to poisoned, nanoplague and to similar effects.
Master marksman
Leather costume - applies pretty cool gal when attacks. pretty cool gal can stack up to 6.always in style.

LV 1:Stone toss
LV 2:Red fury punch
LV 6:Sharp attack
LV 9:Gun time!

skil1:Stone toss
Target : One enemy
Total damage : 400 - 500
Hit\Critical : 50%\29%
# of hits: 1
Type : Ranged
Animation: Red she hulk tosses a really big rock at the target.
Stun (60%)
Pretty cool gal on self (i think i should have changed the guy part,right? but the same tooltip,just deadpool and hulk instead of just deadpool.)

skill2:Red fury punch
Target : One enemy
Total damage : 500 - 600
Hit\Critical : 80%\20%
# of hits: 1
Type : Unarmed melee
Animation: Red she hulk punches the enemy.
High crits
Combo Setup
on self: Pretty cool gal - Deadpool,hulk and 31,337 others like this.

Sharp attack multi function skills:
Multi function skill1: Sai sword
Target : One enemy
Total damage : 400 - 500
Hit\Critical : 77%\20%
# of hits: 1
Type : Melee slashing
Animation: Red she hulk uses a sai sword on the enemy.
Internal Bleeding
Exploits Exposure
Pretty cool gal on self

Multi fonction skill2: Savage sword (this one:
Target : One enemy
Total damage : 500 - 650
Hit\Critical : 80%\14%
# of hits: 1
Type : Melee slashing
Animation: Red she hulk uses the savage sword of she hulk and attacks the enemy with it.
Exploits tenderize
Exploits bleeds
Totally Broken
Pressure Points
Awsome gal - Consumes all of the stacks of pretty cool gal on red she hulk to deal extra damage.

skill4:Gun time!
Target : One enemy and all enemies
Cooldown: 4 rounds (start cooldown of 3 rounds)
Total damage : 600 - 700
Hit\Critical : 60%\12%
# of hits: 3
Type : Ranged gun explosion energy
Animation: Red she hulk shoots the enemy with this gun (__...6_Textless.jpg) and after it hits him it causes a follow up attack of the two missiles in the sides of the gun on all enemies(each one of them is on all enemies.
Chaos shot on all shots
Radiation exposure on first shot
Pretty cool gal on all shots
Slowed on first shot
Weakened on first shot
Paragon exploiter on first shot
Neutralized on second shot
Impaired on second shot
Iso-8 corruption on second shot
Winded on second shot
Staggered on third shot
Off-balance on third shot
Exploit attrition on third shot

what do you think about her,folks? and by the way,she was mentioned not a long time ago in the game,and her daddy and lover plus ex-husband are in the game,so she seems planned to my opinion.

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