Bio: Being the leader of the flock, Red always creates meetings for plans against the pigs - of which the other birds find it to be very boring and dull, especially Stella. He is also very overprotective about the eggs. If something managed to convince him to rest from guarding the eggs, he will start hallucinating, thinking most of the objects he sees in his environment are Eggs. The Eggs also, are not safe whenever he is not around, for the other birds will become careless and reckless, being vulnerable to ambushes made by the Pigs. But, if the Eggs become missing, Red easily overcomes any obstacle he would face, just to retrieve the lost Eggs, even if he is to come to Pig City, where all of the Pigs reside. But Red is not only being overprotective about the Eggs, but also other objects that helps them retrieve the Eggs, such as the slingshot. Red also acts as a fatherly figure to the Blues, teaching them lessons whenever they get into trouble, and also looking after them

Character Info

Name: Red

Outfit: Original Red

Class: Generalist

Stats: All 3/5

Passive 1: Anger Issues - See Bomb

Passive 2: Leader of the Flock - Inspiring Leadership


1. Tackle - single enemy - Melee

Debuffs: Wide-Open, Lock-On

2. Deem Worthy - Any Ally - Buff (inactive until Red is no longer protecting a target)

Buffs: Red's Respect - Red will protect this character until Red is below 40% HP.(golden)

3. Launch Stuff


  • 3A: Sticks and Stones - Debuffs: Pummeled - Target: All Enemies
  • 3B: Glass - Debuffs: 3X Bleeding(Shred), Tenderized - Target: AoE
  • 3C: Self(starts cooled-down, 3 rounds) - Abilities: Finest Hour!, Hemorrhage - Target: 1 Enemy

4. Battle Plans - Team - Buff (All Actions share a 3 rd cd and are QA)


  • 4A: Tactical Planning: Enemies - Targeted/ Team: Morale Boost, Rally
  • 4B: Offensive Planning: Strengthened, Focused, Coordinated Att.[2 rounds]
  • 4C: Defensive Planning: Shield, Fortified, Coordinated Def.[2 rounds]
  • 4D Sabotage Planning: Sabotage Tactics - All Single Target Attacks are Stealthy and have True Strike

Super Red

Red space

New Passive: Sonic Emission - When hit, counters with a Sonic attack, which deals damage and Migraine.

New Class: Generalist or Tactician

Price: Generalist/50, Tactician/65

Space Passive: War Never Changes[team]

  • If 2 ABS Uniforms are in team, triggers Flock Power!, which is similar to Future Countdown.

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