Uniform - Modern

Class - Blaster

Cost - Complete the Task list of Special Operations - Azarath's Child/Truelegden or 200 CP


Normal Passives

  • Soul-Self - 30% Chance to change into Soul-Self, Changing Passives and Moveset.
  • Azarath Mentrion Zinthos - Chance to Pre-emptily prevent debuffs on all allies and prevent buffs on enemies
  • Flying - Immune to Ground Attacks.

Soul-Self Passives(3 rounds)

  • Astral Projection - Will avoid all non-psychic attacks. Psychic Attacks deal 20% less damage.
  • Empathic Healing - Will remove Pain and Psychic Effects on Allies.
  • Flying - Immune to Ground Attacks.

New Buffs

  • Empathy - Removes all Buffs on Raven to Ally. All debuffs on Ally go to Raven


Normal Moveset

  1. Azarath... Mentrion Zinthos. Target - All Enemies. Type - Magic Energy Ranged. Debuff - Cower(10%), Dark Void, Soulfire. Special Abilities - High Crits, Exploit Shields.
  2. AZARATH Mentrion Zinthos. Target - One Enemy. Type - Magic Ranged. Debuff - Bane, Deathfrost. Special Abilities - Follow Up Attack, Stealthy.
  3. azarath menrion zinthos. Target - One Enemy. Type - Magic Debuff. Debuff - Broken Will, Weak Mind, Chaos Shot. Special Abilities - Subtle, Quick Action. Cool down - 2 rounds.
  4. AZARATH MENTRION ZINTHOS. Target - All Enemies. Type - Magic Ranged Energy. Special Abilities - Deadly Crits, High Crits, Exploit Attrition. Buff - The Sun Also Rises. Cool Down - 2 rounds.

Soul-Self Moveset

  1. Empathy. Target - One Ally. Type - Buff. Buff - Empathy.
  2. Empathic Healer. Target - All Allies. Type - Buff. Buff - Remove Debuffs, Prevent Debuffs.
  3. Empathic Rage. Target - All Enemies. Type - Debuff. Debuff - Buff Blocker, Nerfed.
  4. New Found Empathy. Target - One Ally. Type - Buff Debuff. Buff - Recuperation(All Allies), Extra Turn(1 Ally). Debuff(AoE) - Intimidated, Dispear. Special Abilities - Subtle.

Alternate Uniform


Uniform - Teen Titans

Classes - Infiltrator and Blaster

New Passives

-Both added passives are on Soul-Self and Normal Movesets.

  • Teen Titans Go - Allied Teen Titans attacks now have Stealthy and Exploit Corruption.
  • Azarath Mentrion... ZINTHOS - Immune to Magic Attacks
Pure Soul Raven

Uniform - Pure Soul

Classes - Infiltrator and Generalist

New Passives

-Added Passives go on Soul-Self and Normal Form

  • Pure Soul - Immune to Dark and Blind Effects.
    • Raven takes reduced damage from Attrition Effects.

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