PvP Tournment: Animal Man

League Rewards

  • Silver League - 100,000 Silver
  • Gold League - 20 Gold
  • Diamond League - Injustice Hammer
  • Vibrianium League - Justice Bruiser Armor
  • Adamantium League - Animal Man/Truelegden

Each of the first 5 win you will get 1 Command Point.

League Requirements

  • Silver League - 1 Ranked Battle. Any Rating
  • Gold League - 10 Ranked Battles. Least a rating of 900 or higher.
  • Diamond League - 20 Ranked Battles. Least a Rating of 1050 or Higher.
  • Vibrianium League - 40 Ranked Battles. Least a Rating of 1200 or Higher.
  • Adamantium League - 50 Ranked Battles. Least a Rating of 1350 or Higher.

Injustice Hammer

Target - One Enemy. 

Type - Tech Melee Energy.

Damage Potential - High

Debuff - Disabled, Staggered, Exposed.

Special Abilities - High Crits, Brutal Strike

Buff - Remove Debuffs.

Cool Down - 1 Round.

Justice Bruiser Armor

Class - Brusier

Passive - Man of Steel - Takes 50% less damage from all non-psychic attacks. Chance to gain an extra turn with Rising Up and Morale Boost after being attacked.

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