TF2 Spy


Intruder alert, Agents! A man breached our defenses and entered our base. He passed our alarm system and knocked out our colleagues. He could be everywhere now. And worst of all, he could be any one of us... he could be in this very room!
The Spy has arrived to Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Agents! Compete in PvP Tournament and earn useful prizes!


  • Silver League
    • 1 Assault needed
    • Any ranking/points needed
  • Gold League
    • 10 Assaults needed
    • Top 25% ranking or 900+ points
  • Diamond League
    • 20 Assaults needed
    • Top 10% ranking or 1.050+ points
  • Vibranium League
    • 35 Assaults needed
    • Top 3% ranking or 1.250+ points
  • Adamantium League
    • 50 Assaults needed
    • Top 0,5% ranking or 1.550+ points
  • Total duration: 28 days


  • Reward for the first 5 daily victories: 1 Australian Lockbox
  • Daily Roulette reward:
    • PvP Bonus Item (Attack)
    • PvP Bonus Item (Defense)
    • PvP Bonus Item (Balanced)
    • Bottle of Jarate
    • 2x Australian Lockboxes
    • 5x Australian Lockboxes
    • 10x Australian Lockboxes
    • 20 Command Points
    • 10 Gold
  • Weapon details: Bottle of Jarate
    • Type: Debuff
    • Target: One enemy
    • Special: Subtle (Does not trigger most Status effects)
    • One enemy: Cornered (Removes and prevents Protection effects)
    • One enemy: Jarate'd (Single-target attacks have a 50% chance to miss; Attacks against this target are guaranteed to crit)


Note: Ending the tournament in a league will also grant lower league's rewards

Silver League

  • 100.000 Silver

Gold League

  • 5 Gold

Diamond League

  • The Spy-cicle
    • I hope with this to reach your heart.
    • Type: Melee
    • Target: One enemy
    • Special: Stealthy (Ignores Protection and Counter effects)
    • Special: Coldsnap (Attacks against Chilled enemies are guaranteed to crit)
    • Special: Glacial Weapon
      • Takes reduced damage from Ice attacks and Ice-based debuffs
      • Immune to Fire attacks and Fire-based debuffs
      • Becomes unusable for 1 Round if hit by Fire attacks
    • One enemy: Chilled (Deals damage at every round; Reduces Evasion)
    • One enemy: Frozen (Drops Evasion to 0)
    • One enemy: Fatal Blow (Instantly kills enemies with less than 30% health)

Vibranium League

  • Spy Infiltrator Suit
    • 8 Isotope-8 slots
    • 2 Empowered Isotope-8 slots
    • Passive: Invisibility Watch (20% chance to dodge an attack and gain Phased)

Adamantium League


  • In this game, the Spy-cicle is a gift made to Elsa from the Spy (think about the double meaning of the Spy-cicle description written in Italic...).

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