Ullsyes Harkman is a master of archery. He never misses. He is often considered the underdog of the Universe, but from Time to Time. He is a founding member of the Fighters, Saviors, and Saviors Minour. He has died 3 times. Powerbow's first Death he was ressurected and turned into H.A.T.E.'s Archer of Destruction - Deathbow. He would later be restored with his memory of himself proir to his death. Powerbow's second death he was obiltorated by Death himself. He would come back to life after Black Blaze offered his life force to Death, But Powerbow returned as a Parapoligic. Powerbow trianed a young boy to take his place on the Saviors and in the Hero Community. Powerbow later regained the Ability to walk and fought side by side with his pupal, Powerbow II A.K.A. James Lutz orTime-O(Original Character)/Truelegden. But Death was not Done with Powerbow. During the Devastation Event, Powerbow among many other Heroes and Civilians perished.

Powerbow is currently Dead. But you all get to use him in-game :P

Hero Information

  • Class - Infiltrator
  • Cost - Free


  • Never Miss - All Attacks have Guareented Hit. Attacks against Targeted Enemies gain Guareented Crit, Brutal Strike and Fatal Blow.
  • Trained to Stealth - Trained by Black Ops/True to become a skilled Stealth Operative. High Chance to Dodge Melee Attacks, then countering them.


  1. Perfect Shot. Type - Ranged. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Oppurtunist. Special Abilities - Guareented Hit.
  2. Stealth Smoke. Type - Buff. Target - One Ally. Buff - Hidden in Smoke.
  3. Arrow Volley. Type - Ranged. Target - All Enemies. Debuff - Pressure Points. Special Abilties - Guareented Hit, High Crits.
  4. Target Practice. Type - Debuff. Target - One Enemy. Debuff - Targeted. Special Abilities - Quick Action.

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