Story: These three ponies I made for Avengers Alliance appear to be more than a match for its Fantastic Four. Are they?

Required heroes: Princess Celestia/russgamemaster, Maud Pie/russgamemaster, and Princess Twilight sparkle/russgamemaster

Enemies: Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing

Special conditions: Thing is always protecting allies from single-target attacks. Invisible Woman has a higher chance to dodge attacks. And Human Torch is healing from fire attacks.

Battle strategy: Thing is your first target. Use Nova Strike and Rock Breaker for extra damage. Before Twilight attacks Thing, have her Teleport Kick Human Torch for an extra turn. Don't worry about the force field because Maud can exploit shields. If one of you gets Force Caged, just remove it with Friendship Letters. If Maud gets Burning, use Rock and Roll. Once Thing is down, have Celestia attack Invisible Woman while the other two attack Human Torch. To be able to lay a hoof on the remaining two FF, use Rock Slide to stagger them.

Empowered Iso-8: Boulder Iso-8 (Maud). It's a rock - chance to preemptively counter attacks. Does no damage, but causes Distraction and Broken Will.

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