As originally posted by Leojsaad the 11/03/2014

Welcome to my newest fanwork, featuring Polaris!

Classic Polaris

Class: Blaster  

Base Stats:








  • Mistress of Magnetism
    • ​Applies Magnetized to all enemies at the beginning of combat
    • Attacks against Magnetized targets are guaranteed to crit
    • Chance to counter attacks from Magnetized targets
  • Flying
  • Magnetic Protection
    • ​Chance to spawn a shield around an ally before that ally is attacked
    • This shield makes the ally immune to Magnetized and  Exhausted and lasts for 2 rounds
  • Absorbing Energy
    • ​Chance to gain an Extra Turn when hit by Energy attacks
    • Reduces damage taken from Energy attacks by 70%

L1 Ability - Magnetic Blast (Ranged Energy) - , One Hit, No Cooldown

Special Properties

  • Exploits Magnetism

One Enemy

  • Magnetized
  • Incapacitation

L2 Ability - Electromagnetic Repulsion (Buff) - , 100% chance, 4 Rounds Cooldown

Special Properties

  • Quick Action

All Allies

  • Magnetic Repellent (2 Rounds)
    • Dodging all attacks except Magic and Psychic
    • Unable to perform Melee abilities
    • Removed by Magnetized

L6 Ability - Pyshics Rock (Ranged) - , One Hit, 2 Rounds Cooldown

Special Properties

  • Deadly Crits
  • Exploits Stun
  • Exploits Magnetism

One Enemy

  • Pain

L9 Ability - Debris Throw (Ranged) - , One Hit, No Cooldown

All Allies

  • Rising Up

One Enemy

  • Collapsing Infrastructure

Well, that's pretty much it for this fanwork, post your thoughts about this in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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