Polaris zpse9517dce

Modern Polaris


Class Tactition

Daughter of Magneto, Larna Dane developed her powers to control metal. She is as powerful as g=her father and she is not someone who you want to be your enemy

Passive: Magnetic manipulator: All metal targets gain polerized Passive: Magnetic slam: Applies doom to enemies with metal that attack Polaris or an ally, Immune to prevention affects, attacks can't be interuppted 

Passive:flying: Immune to ground attacks

Cost complete spec ops: Dark Pheonix

Acttion 1 Magnet beam One enemy ranged, energy

Applies Polerized-can't dodge attacks, counts as magnetized for attacks

Applies: Depower-Actions no longer apply statuses 

Applies: Flanked-single target attacks provoke a follow up attack

Action 2 Magnetic combo One enemy

ranged meele unnarmed energy

Applies: combo setup- the next unarmed attack deals extra damage

Applies: Preasure points-chance to apply Weakend, dizzy, exposed or slow Applies:

demise-remove doom causeing it to trigger

Action 3 Magnetic protection

All alies


All allies gain Magnetic sheild

Magnetic sheild: Sheild that absorbs damage, gains an extra turn when broken

Allies with metal gain Polaris' move

Polaris' move joins in on Polaris' single taget attacks 

Action 4 Metalic clank

all enemies 



Expliots Magnetism-deals extra damage against enemies with magnetized or polerized

Paragon exploiter-deals extra damage against enemies with weakend, dizzy, exposed, slowed,stun

60% chance to stun

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