Po, The Dragon Warrior.

Cost: 135 command points

Recruitment message: You want me to work with the Avengers? AWESOME!

Class: Scrapper 

Bio: Raised by his surrogate Duck Father, Po the panda always had dreams of becoming a master martial artist. Now, thanks to an ancient propecy, he has been given great power. 


Awesomeness: Attack/Accuracy/Defence and evasion stats increase by 5% every round. Maximum of 50% increase

Quick Learner: When attacked, Po gains a special passive according to that enemy's class 

(Blaster - Unexploitable, Bruiser - combat expertise, Scrapper - exploit oppertunity, Infiltrator - Truestrike, Tactician - stealthy, Generalist - Focused & Strengthened)

Layer of fat: Immune to crits


Level 1: 

Bear Style: One enemy. Melee unarmed. Applies Combo setup

Level 2: 

Cookie & Dumpling: Self Buff Heal. Clears all debuffs. Heals Po by 40% of total health. 

Level 6:

Ka-Pow!: All Enemies Melee Unarmed. Applies pummeled. Exploits combos. 

Level 9: 

Skadoosh!: All enemies. Starts cooled down. 5-round cooldown. Catastrophic. Ethereal Strike. Exploits oppertunity. Fatal Blow. Brutal Strike. Truestrike. Stealthy. 

Team-Up Bonuses


Average Joes


Martial Arts master

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