Pluto is one of the second four Stardroids Mega Man must fight in Mega Man V for the Game Boy. Pluto was designed for jungle combat, and thus as his appearance suggests, he has very quick reflexes and is agile like a feline. Slash Man resembles Pluto to a degree.

Pluto's Special Weapon is the Break Dash, which allows him to dash at supersonic speed over short distances and temporarily become immune to damage while doing so. He can also slash enemies up close with the claws on his knuckles, cling onto walls, and fire two types of energy shots from his hands- shockwave/fireball-type projectiles, and a bigger homing shot.

Despite his appearance, Pluto ironically dislikes the cold. He enjoys taking care of his claws with regular manicures and sometimes tries his hand at Nail Art as well, but is somewhat vain and gets annoyed when his claws get damaged in combat. Pluto does not get along with Mercury, one possible reason being because he is weak to Mercury's weapon, the Grab Buster.

Class: Infiltrator

Gains Combat Reflexes when attacking or attacked by Tacticians. Counters attacks and makes attacks Stealthy. Vulnerable to Scrappers.


Stardroid - may not be afflicted with Bleeding or Poison. Immune to Bio attacks.

Grab Buster Weakness - attacks that heal the user do extra damage to Pluto

Blazing Speed - 20% chance to avoid attacks


Level 1 - Claw Swipe

  • Slashing Melee
  • 2 hits
  • One Enemy
  • (special) Hemorrhaging attack - causes all applications of bleeding to trigger
  • (self) Sharpened claws - next attack is guaranteed to be a critical hit
  • (enemy) Exposed - defense decreased by 25%
  • (enemy) Bleeding - takes damage each turn and when attacking

Level 2 - Break Dash

  • Slashing Melee
  • One Enemy
  • (special) Stealthy
  • (special) Deadly Crits - deals extra damage on critical hits
  • (special) Exploits Exposure - does more damage to exposed targets
  • (enemy) Tenderized - takes more damage from slashing attacks
  • (self) Agile - evasion increased by 25%

Level 6 - Slash Waves

  • Ranged Slashing Sonic Energy
  • One Enemy
  • 2 hits
  • (Special) Exploits Tenderize - does more damage to Tenderized targets
  • (enemy) Weakened - attack decreased by 25%
  • (enemy) Ravaged - takes increased damage from bleeding

Level 9 - Homing Fireballs

  • Ranged Fire Energy
  • One Enemy
  • 3 hits
  • (special) True Strike - ignores most avoidance effects
  • (special) Combustible - always crits burning targets
  • (enemy) Burning - takes fire damage each turn. Defense reduced.
  • (self) Focused - accuracy increased by 25%

Team-Up Bonuses



Bodies in Motion

Far Far Away


Godlike - Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld.

Hot Stuff

Red in The Ledger

Robot Masters

Safety First

Savage Savages

The cold really bothered me - does not get along with ice users.

Tin Men

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