As if it weren't enough, Deadpool's back! And boy does he have a hankerin' for... wait, what? We're out of tacos?! Well we've got a supply of chimi... oh, out of those too? Well, uh, c'mon, think! We are on a schedule here people and Deadpool demands food! Oh what to do, what to do? (Exit Producer)

3 Hours Later

(Enter Deadpool) Ooh, a camera!!! I love cameras! Ooh, lets make a movie!! We'll call it, Deadpool's Pie Quest! I sure want some pie right now!! Let's begin!!!!!

Agent, Those Tacos were good last week, and you got them so well, I declare you my personal chef. Now, you're probably tired of farming those cps and waiting for that new content, so while you wait, I've prepared a little task for you. The reward you ask? Easy, an All-New, Shiny Armor! So get me some pie, and ill give you a suit!

But seriously, We've been waiting for Chapter 8 for almost 6 months now! How long does it seriously take?!?!


All tasks appear immediately. However, Task 2 is only one required to complete CT.

1. I Ain't no Einstein

Defeat 10 AIM Soldiers

10 gold skip

Reward - 3 Cherry Pie

2. A la Carte

Collect 20 of each Pie

Cannot be skipped with Gold. Each pie can be purchased in the store for 1 gold each.

3. 3.1415..., ah, dadgummit!

Obtain 31,415 silver

30 gold skip

Reward: 3 Key Lime Pie

4. Pi in the sky

Use 2 Flying heroes in Combat Simultaneously

20 gold skip

Reward: 3 Pumpkin Pie

5. Moon Pi

Defeat Moonstone 3 times

20 gold skip. Moonstone can be defeated anywhere she appears.

Reward: 3 Blueberry pie

6. Dessert of the Day

Complete a DM

No Skip

Reward: 3 Grape(idk, something purple) Pie

As well as being bought in store, all pies are available throughout DM roulettes, Deploys, and HBs.


Agent's A La Carte Uniform

Class: Generalist

Stats: All 4/5

Isos: 8 Stat/1 Ei8/0 Ai8

NEW! Passive: A La Carte - Recharge extends to change Class. 2 rd cd.

Passives: Changing

  • Blaster: Cherry Bomb! - Explosive Ei8
  • Bruiser: Blueberry Brawn! - Vengeful Ei8
  • Scrapper: Pumpkin Power! - Aggressive Ei8
  • Infiltrator: Grape Shot! - Lingering Ei8
  • Tactician: Key Lime Shielding - Protective Ei8 - Triggers every 2 rounds.

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