Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)-004:08

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)-0

Class - Blaster

Uniform - Blurred Lines

Cost - 23 CP


  • Lose yourself to Dance - Small chance to negate enemy follow up and counter attacks
  • Blurred Lines - Will remove one Debuff each round(All Allies)
  • Cuse Im Happy!!! - Will remove one Buff each round from All Enemies each round.


1. Come Closer - Sonic - 1 Enemy


Debuff - Dizzy, Cornered, Immobilized

2. Number One - Sonic - 1 Enemy (1 round CD)

Ignore Shields, Quick Action.

Debuff - Staggered, Hobbled.

Buff - Remove Buff.

3. That Girl - Sonic, Debuff - All Enemies (1 round CD)


Debuff - Tempted, Pressure Points, Opportunist.

4. HAPPY!!! - Sonic - All Enemies.

Exploit Oppertunity, Paragon Exploiter, Ignore Defence, Deadly Crits.

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