Heroes required: Perry the Platypus/TWG

Villains: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz/TWG

Opening Dialogue:

Dr. D: Ah, Perry the Platypus, How unexpected, and by unexpected, I mean COMPLETELY EXPECTED. (Trap falls on Perry, but dodges it)

Dr. D: Great, anyways, I guess we skip right to the battle. However, you cant defeat me this time, *EVIL LAUGH*.

Perry: *Chatter*

Battle-Only Abilities


Passive 1: Complex Machine - Only the Smartest of people can discover the secret behind such a complex machine.

Passive 2: Immune - Immune to damage

Passive 3: Protect - Protect Dr. D from all attacks.

Passive 4: Malfunction(after tampered): After 3 tampers, Self-Destruct Button Is pressed, destroying the Protect-inator.


Turn 1: Dr. D uses -Inators. This summons the Anti Stealth-Inator and the Protect me from Perry-inator. This Protects Doof from Perry and makes him unable to be stealthy. These -inators do not attack.

Turn 2: Since The -inators have the ability Complex Machine, you are going to want to have Tactician Power in order to shut them down. However this move is cooled down for 1 round at start, so you have to wait. In the mean time, use Agility to dodge Doof's attacks.

Turn 3: Doof will now begun attacking. In this battle, Doofenshmirtz is Predictable. He also only has three attacks this battle: Carbon Footprint, Mountain out of a Molehill, and Scorch. By using Agility on the first round, you are set up to dodge MooaM. Tail Slaps prepares you for Footprint, and Beak Drill for Scorch. However, if he does not use the move you prepared for, you have nimble and agile to help dodge.

Turn 4: Your turn. Use Strategic Analysis to agin Tact power. This will allow you to Malfunction the Protector-inator. Completely ignore the stealth breaker-inator, as if the protector is down, it wont do anything since Doof does not counter.

Turn 5: Keep up this pattern. If you are fortunate, Doof will typically miss, enabling you you to survive longer. One full powered Beak Drill should finish him.

Empowered Isos

Perry ei8

Aquatic Ei8

Character: Agent P

Ability: Semi-Aquatic - Uses Agility at beginning of combat. Water attacks do less damage for each Finest Hour Buff Agent P has.

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