PvP Tournament: Perry the Platypus/TWG


  • Silver League: 150K Silver
  • Gold: 15 Gold
  • Diamond: The Agent's-Inator
  • Vibranium: Infiltrator OWCA(Outfit With Crazy Attribuutes)
  • Adamantium: Perry the Platypus/TWG
    • Each win will reward you with one Despicable Lockbox, leading up to recruiting Gru/Lionking20

League Requirments:

  • Silver: 1 Ranked Fight - At Least 1 rating
  • Gold: 10 ranked fights - 900 rating
  • Diamond: 25 ranked fights - 1100 rating
  • Vibranium: 40 ranked fights - 1250 rating
  • Adamantium: 50 ranked fights - 1450 rating


Target: AoE

Type: Ranged, Tech

Damage Potential: Medium

Debuffs: Chaos Shot, Intimidated, Doom(20%)

Buffs: Relentless(50%)

Cool-Down: 3 rd

Infiltrator OWCA

Passives: Master of Stealth - Same as Perry

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