Bio: The Peacekeepers comprise a gendarmerie which is controlled by the Capitol, and tasked with maintaining order throughout the nation of Panem. They essentially act as the government's internal security force in the various districts, led by a "Head Peacekeeper" who is the commander of the local garrison. They ensure that the Capitol's laws are obeyed, and punish those who break them. Peacekeepers serve as the Capitol's main instrument of control and repression


In-Battle name: Peacekeeper

Stats: hp 3/5, stam 2/5, att 4/5, def 3/5, acc 3/5, evas 2/5


Flamethrower - AoE - Fire, Ranged

Debuffs: Burning, Slowed

Solar Weapon - Single Enemy - Ranged

Debuffs: Blinded

stats: hp 3/5, stam 3/5, att 3/5, def 4/5, acc 2/5, evas 2/5


Vector Cp1 Handgun - Single Enemy - Gun, Ranged

Debuffs: Lock-On, Weakened

Stun Baton - Single Enemy - Melee

Debuffs: Stun(50%)

Stats: hp 3/5, stam 3/5, att 3/5, def 2/5, acc 4/5, evas 3/5


Studded Gloves - Single Enemy - Melee

Debuffs: Bleeding, Ravaged

Battle Orders - Team - Buff

Buffs: Rising Up

Stats: hp 2/5, stam 3/5, att 3/5, def 3/5, ac 3/5, evas 4/5


Beat into Submission - Single Enemy - Melee, Ranged, Gun

Debuffs: Fumbling, Staggered

Fn P90 Sub-Machine Gun - AoE - Gun, Ranged

Abilities: Follow-up(40%)

Stats: hp 4/5, stam 3/5, att 2/5, def 3/5, acc 3/5, evas 3/5


Water Cannon - AoE - Water, Gun, Ranged

Debuffs: Waterlogged, Pummeled

Riot Shields - Team - Buff

Buffs: Force Field, Remove Debuffs

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