League Rewards

  • Silver League: 150.000 Silver
  • Gold League: 25 Gold
  • Diamond League: The Real Steel
  • Vibranium League: Mechanized Endoskeleton Suit.
  • Adamantium League: Atom/Jacky 50A

Each wins from a match in this PVP rewards you with a random reward. It may be 10 Command Points, 35 SHIELD Points or 10.000 Silver, or even 10 Gold.


  • Silver League: 1 Ranked Battle, any ranking.
  • Gold League: 10 Ranked Battles, rating must be at least 800 or higher.
  • Diamond League : 25 Ranked Battles, rating must be at least 1000 or higher.
  • Vibranium League: 45 Ranked Battles, rating must be at least 2000 or higher.
  • Adamantium League: 100 Ranked Battles, rating must be at least 10000 or higher.

Gear Won On This PVP Tournament

The Real Steel

  • Melee unarmed attack.
  • 2 hits.
  • Attacks one enemy.
  • Inflicts:
    • Melee Setup: Takes more damage from melee attacks.
    • Steel In The Face: Reduces accuracy and evasion by 50%.
  • Grants:
    • (Self) Real Steel: Takes less damage from melee unarmed attacks by 90% and cannot be afflicted with Winded or Slowed, as well as Stun and Incapacitation.

Mechanized Endoskeleton Suit

  • Class: Generalist
  • Stats:
    • Health: 4/5
    • Stamina: 5/5
    • Attack: 4/5
    • Defense: 5/5
    • Accuracy: 5/5
    • Evasion: 3/5
  • Passive:
    • Mechanized Servo Motors: Takes 2 actions every turn and cannot be slowed or stunned.
    • Rapid Combat Reflex: Counters single target attacks. After countering, removes all debuffs and increases all damage by 30%.
    • Mechanical Enchancements: Increases damage every turn by 10% and recovers stamina by 20%.


  • This event is themed after the movie and game Real Steel. The main prize itself was the protagonist robot of the franchise.
  • The Mechanized Endoskeleton Suit's appearence resembles the appearence of Atom's torso part, but without his name on.

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