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Hello world!

I'm inspired by User:Wearingglasses's movesets(which can be found here:User blog:Wearingglasses/Random Fakeness - Fanmade Movesets) to make my own, so the first one I made is of one of my childhood heroes: Optimus Prime Take note: This is not indicating any future releases in the game.

If you have any suggestions, please leave it in the comments.


Next moveset: Frank West.

Optimus Prime

  • Class: Tactician
  • Stats:
  • Health:4/5
  • Stamina:2/5
  • Attack:4/5
  • Defense:4/5
  • Accuracy:3/5
  • Evasion:1/5
  • Passives:
  • The Matrix of Leadership
    • After he takes his first action, he applies one stack of "Matrix Power" to all allies.
      • Increases Accuracy and Attack by 5%
      • Stacks up to 5 times
    • Optimus has a 40% chance to protect an ally from single target attacks; the chances increases to 100% for an ally with low health. He and the ally he protected will gain one Matrix Power after being successfully protected, but only if Optimus survives .
    • Regains Stamina every turn(10%)
  • Moves:
    • L1: Ion Cannon
      • 20% stamina
      • Single Ranged Energy attack; 3 hits
      • Hit: 89%/Crit: 35%
      • Optimus fires off a few rounds from his cannon, which causes a moderate amount of damage.
        • Causes Lock-On
        • Adds one stack of Matrix Power to Optimus.
    • L2: Roll Out!
      • 15% stamina
      • Aoe Melee Attack; 1 hit per opponent
      • Hit: 75%/Crit: 75%
      • Optimus Transforms to his truck mode and runs his opponents over for low damage.
    • L6: "Transform and Rollout!"
      • 30% Stamina
      • Optimus yells out the famous said quote, which inspires his allies.
      • Buff to all allies
    • L9: Matrix Blast
      • 40% Stamina
      • 3 round cooldown
      • Single Ranged Energy Attack; 1 hit
      • Hit: 100%/Crit: 50%
      • Optimus Pulls the Matrix Of Leadership from his chest and fires a large energy blast from it.
  • Recruitment quote:
    • "Allow me to help out with the iso-8 problems. If I know anything, Megatron should find uses for it."

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