Optimus Prime


Class: Tactician

Cost: 200 command points

Bio: Orion Pax was gifted with new abilities in order to confront the Decepticon threat. Although Orion was, and still is, a pacifist at heart, he is more than capable in the thick of battle. Over time, even the most brutal and savage of decepticons have learned to fear the very name of Optimus Prime. He serves as a beacon of hope to the Autobot forces, and to his human allies. 

Recruitment message: It's time to Roll out, Agent!


Autobot leader: Immune to fear & Prevention effects. 

Matrix of leadership: Provides 'inspiring leadership' to all allies. 

Robotic body: Immune to bleed, poison and psychic attacks. 


Level One: 

Energon Sword: Single enemy melee slashing. 

  • Applies fear (enemy)
  • Bleeding (2x)

Level Two: 

Blazing rifle: Single enemy ranged. 

  • 10% Chance for an ally to join in on the attack. 50% chance for an Autobot ally to join in the attack. 
  • 20% Chance for Optimus to gain an extra turn

Level Six: 

Got the touch: Area of effect melee catastrophic. 

  • Wide-open (enemy)
  • 60% chance to stun (enemy)
  • Off-balance (enemy)
  • Staggered (Enemy)
  • Rising up (Self)

Level Nine:

Last Stand: Area of effect slashing energy.

  • Paragon Exploiter 
  • Bleeding (2x) (enemy)
  • Brutal Strike
  • Desperation
  • Finest Hour!

Team-Up Bonuses:

Alias less



Far far away

Fully Armed

One Shall Stand (with Megatron)

Proud to Serve


Safety First

Tinfoil Hats

Tin Men

You Have My Sword

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