Olaf joy icon by matchstar-d7fj4qi Not to be confused with Olaf/Jacky 50A

Character Info

Class: Tact

Stats: 1/5 All

Passive 1: Then I'll be a.. - 40% chance to melt and dodge attacks.

Passive 2: Witty Retort


1. Slap - Single Enemy - Melee

Debuffs: Intimidated

Buffs: Broken Arm - Cannot use L1. Enemies melee attacks re countered with L1. Last 2 rounds.

2. Snowballs - Single - Ice, Ranged

Debuffs: Pummeled

3. Happy Snowman! - Team - Buff

Buffs: Morale Boost, Epiphany

4. Magic Cloud - Self - Buff

Buffs: Snow Cloud - Heal every round. Cannot be KO'ed 2 rounds.

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