Bio: Oaken Runs Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna. But since Elsa's massive winter storm hits in mid-July, he finds himself with a surplus of summer supplies. Deal-seekers beware: though he's good-natured and helpful, if you cross him, Oaken won't hesitate to throw you out of his humble establishment.

Character Info

Outfit: Classic Oaken

Class: Generalist

Stats: hp 4/5, stam 4/5, att 3/5, def 3/5, acc 2/5, evas 1/5

Passive 1: Quartermaster

Passive 2: Big Summer Blowout! - All allies gain 1 random buff per round.


1. You Call Oaken a Crook? - Single Enemy - Melee, Unarmed(2 hits)

Debuffs: Disabled, Remove Buffs

2. That'll be 40 - AoE - Debuff(no damage)(3 rd cd) QA

Abilities: Subtle, Dealing with Crooks

  • DWC - Enemies are presented with a choice. They can:
    • 1. Buy Buffs from Oaken, but at the cost of Hp/Stam
    • 2. Call Oaken a Crook, and Get Hit by Oaken(L1, twice).

3. Yoo-Hoo! - Team - Buff(3 rd cd)

Buffs: Build-Up, Yoo-Hoo!

  • Yoo-Hoo! - Coordinated Attack(2 rd)

4. ...And Sauna - Team - Buff(2 rd cd)

Buffs: Resist Burning, Resist Chilled, Soothing Rest(Ei8 Effect, 2 rd)

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