New 52 Nightwing

Hero Information

  • Scrapper
    Class - Scrapper
  • Uniform = New 52
  • Cost - 48 CP


  • Effect BG 2 GreenEffect Icon 076 Hypnos - Chance to apply Mind Control on an enemy after being attacked by Melee Attacks.
  • Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 005 Tactical Analysis - Chance to apply Morale Boost, Extra Turn, and Rising Up to an ally after an ally attacks or is attacks
  • Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 194 The First Robin - Chance to preemptively counter Melee, Gun, and Ranged Attacks. Chance increases after gaining Optic-Camo Engaged.


  1. Escrima Sticks. Target - One Enemy. Type - Melee. Debuff - Pain Train, Staggered. Special Abilities - Exploit Combos.
  2. Pole Volt. Target - One Enemy. Type - Melee. Special Abilities - Deadly Crits, Exploit Pain, Paragon Exploiter, Finest Hour.
  3. Hand to Hand. Target - One Enemy. Type - Unarmed Melee. Debuff - Combo Set-Up, Dizzy. Special Abilities - Follow Up Attack, Quick Action. Buff - Toe-to-Toe. Cool Down - 1 Round.
  4. Espionage. Target - One Ally. Type - Buff. Buff - Nimble, Combat Awareness, Optic-Camo Engaged. Special Abilities - Quick Action.

Alternate Uniforms


Teen Titans Robin

  • Scrapper
    Classes - Scrapper and Tactician

New Passives

  • Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 012 Titans Go! - Allied Teen Titans attacks gain Hobbled and Off-Balance.
  • Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 014 Stealth Operations - Attacks have 20% chance to be stealthy and deal 30% more damage.

Classic Nightwing

  • Classes - Scrapper and Infiltrator

New Passives

  • Better, Darker - All Attacks gain True Strike and Stealthy.

Team Up Bonuses

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