DOTA2 Phantom Assassin


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Mortred the Phantom Assassin can be recruited by completing the Phantom Lockbox Collection. Lockboxes can be obtained during PvP Tournament - Traxex the Drow Ranger, one for each of the first 5 daily wins.

Mortred the Phantom Assassin: I bet you haven't see nor heard me incoming, Agent. My services are not exactly cheap, but a lot of people can guarantee I never fail.


ScrapperPhantom Assassin's attacks against Infiltrators hit twice and gain Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 011 True Strike.
Bruisers' attacks against Phantom Assassin increase their stats up to two times.


  • Health: 3/5
  • Stamina: 2/5
  • Attack: 3/5
  • Defense: 2/5
  • Accuracy: 4/5
  • Evasion: 3/5


  • Defense of the Ancients
    • Member of Dota2 character roster
    • Allied Dota2 attacks gain Fatal Blow, instantly killing enemies with less than 30% health
  • The Invisibile Assassin
    • Chance to join on an ally's single-target attack
    • Permanently raises all stats by 25% when inflicting the final blow to an enemy


Stifling Dagger
  • Level 1: Stifling Dagger
    • Type: Slashing, Melee, Ranged (2 attack-combo)
    • Target: One enemy
    • Special: Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 011 True strike (Ignores Avoidance effects)
    • One enemy: Tenderized (Takes extra damage from Slashing attacks)
    • One enemy: Fatal Blow (Instantly kills enemies with less than 30% health)
Phantom Strike
  • Level 2: Phantom Strike
    • Type: Slashing, Melee
    • Target: All enemies
    • Cooldown: 2 Rounds
    • All enemies: Wide-Open (Takes extra damage from Melee attacks)
    • All enemies: Exposed (Reduces Defense by 25%)
    • All enemies: Fatal Blow (Instantly kills enemies with less than 30% health)
  • Level 6: Blur
    • Type: Buff
    • Target: Self
    • Cooldown: 2 Rounds
    • Special: Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 005 Quick Action (Grants an immediate free turn after this one; Does not trigger follow-up attacks)
    • Self: Skittering Darkness (50% chance to avoid attacks; Attacks become Stealthy)
    • Self: Toe-to-Toe (Next Melee attack deals extra damage)
Coup de Grace
  • Level 9: Coup de Grace
    • Type: Slashing, Melee
    • Target: One enemy
    • Cooldown: 3 Rounds
    • Special: Deadly Crits (Deals extra damage with critical hits)
    • Special: Ignore Defense (Ignore target's Defense and Shield effects)
    • Special: Exploits Exposed (Deals extra damage against Exposed targets)
    • Special: Exploits Tenderized (Deals extra damage against Tenderized targets)
    • One enemy: Fatal Blow (Instantly kills enemies with less than 30% health)

Themed Weapons

Mortred the Phantom Assassin has a themed weapon, Phantom Slasher.

Team-Up Bonuses

  • Debbie Downers: Bonus for bringing Heroes who are dour
  • Defense of the Ancients°: Heroes who are Dota2 members
  • Foreseer's Contract°: Phantom Assassin and Oracle
  • Natural Born Killers: Heroes who are assassins
  • Safety First: Heroes who wear a helmet
  • You Have My Sword: Heroes who wield swords
  • Bonuses with ° are originally created.

Alternate Outfit

DOTA2 Phantom Assassin alt

Dread of the Gleaming Seal

  • Class: Scrapper (50 CP) or Infiltrator (63 CP)
  • Passive: Sharpened Schyte
    • Slashing attacks deal Bleeding (Deals damage over time and whenever performing an offensive action; Can stack up to 3 times)
    • Stifling Dagger deals Ravaged (Takes extra damage from Bleeding)
    • Phantom Strike is an Hemorragic Attack (Triggers all stacks of Bleeding)
    • Coup de Grace exploits Bleeding (Deals extra damage against Bleeding targets)

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