Name: Zombie

Type: Scrapper

Passive: Growl - Causes intimidated preemptively on melee attacker.


1. Hit 50/75 Debuffs: Cornered, weakened

Name: Zombie with Gold Armor
Gold Zombie

Type: Scrapper

Passive: Growl


1. Hit 100/150 Debuffs: Cornered, weakened, bleeding

2. Gold Armor Buffs: Fortified, Defender

Name: Zombie with Iron Armor
Iron Zombie

Type: Bruiser

Passive: Defender, Growl


1. Hit: 150/250 Debuffs: Cornered, Weakened, Bleeding x3, Ravaged,

2. Iron Armor: Buffs: Fortified, Defender, Shield (300)

3. Gang: 300/300

Buffs: Gang: all allies hit all enemies

Debuffs: Stun 75%

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