Requires: Mega Man X

Reward: Fourth Armor Generalist Alt

X4 xarmor2

Chance to hover and dodge attacks. Immune to ground attacks. Attacks no longer require stamina. May perform a follow-up charge shot that hits multiple times and causes Migraine.


1. Sentinels (1 Blaster, 1 Tactician, and 1 Bruiser)

2. Derpy Hooves

She changes to a random class each round. Use X's class-changing actions accordingly.

3. Zero

Your best friend and fellow soldier.

4. Fantastic Four

Wave 1 is Reed and Thing, while Wave 2 is Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Reed.

5. Sigma

Zero is a team-up.

6. Smithy

Zero (again) and Sunset Shimmer are team-ups.

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