As originally posted by Leojsaad the 29/03/2014

Welcome to another one of my Fanwork posts, today featuring the Inhuman Queen Medusa!

Classic Medusa

Class: Infiltrator 

Base Stats:








  • Resilient Hair
    • Chance to block incoming attacks with hair, taking 70% less damage
    • This does not proc against Psychic attacks
  • Tangled
    • ​Chance to apply  Immobilized to Melee attackers

L1 Ability - Hair Whiplash (Melee) -  / One Hit / No Cooldown

Special Properties

  • Deadly Crits
  • Boon Buster

One Enemy

  • DOT Block
    • ​Actions don't apply Damage Over Time effects.

L2 Ability - Summon Lockjaw (Summon Psychic) -  / One Hit / 3 Rounds Cooldown

Special Properties

  • Summon Attack
  • Psychic Attack

All Enemies

  • Psychic Lock
  • Weak Mind

All Allies

  • Potential Unleashed

L6 Ability - Hairy Lifting (Ranged) -  / One Hit / 2 Rounds Cooldown

One Enemy

  • Slowed
  • Stun (70% chance)

L9 Ability - Redheaded Ambush (Melee) -  / Three Hits / No Cooldown

Special Properties

  • Exploits Shields
  • Exploits Slow

All Enemies

  • Fumbling
  • Winded

Well, that's it for this fanwork, so post your thoughts about it in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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