Master hand


Class: Generalist

Passive 1: Relentless

Passive 2: Subspace Emissary - When hit by a melee attack, applies Chaos Shot and has a chance to apply stun.


Gun - Single Enemy - Gun, Ranged

Abilities: Quickdraw

  • Quickdraw: has chance to fire up to 3 times.

Debuffs: Burning

Drill - Single Enemy - Melee, Energy

Buffs: Combat Awareness

Swoop - AoE - Fire, Melee, Explosion

Abilities: Stealthy, Exploit Attrition

Lasers - AoE - Energy, Ranged, Electric

Debuffs: Static Charge, Dizzy

Slap - Single - Melee, Unarmed

Debuffs: Off-Balance

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