As first appeared on the M:AA Wikia with the name "Another Attempt at Fan Made Movesets No. 1: Master Chief and Fluttershy", March 31, 2013

I hope I can achieve the Chief's level of respect. I'm not sure what class he should be. He can perform any role. He can blast. He can tank. He can scrap. He can sneak. He can think. I will put him as generalist for now, but it might be changed at a later date.

Price: 135 CP

Bio: Petty Officer John-117 was forcefully recruited at a young age for the SPARTAN II program. Now referred to as Master Chief, he is a genetically enhanced super soldier and one of the most decorated men in USNC history. His exploits have had an important contribution to humanity's destruction by the radical Covenant and the parasitical Flood.

Recruitment Quote: The Covenant cannot obtain this Iso-8. I'm here to finish the fight.

Class: Generalist 

Health: 3/5

Stamina: 4/5

Attack: 4/5

Defense: 4/5

Accuracy: 4/5 

Evasion: 2/5


Combat Expert:

  • Chance to counter single-target or area attacks.


  • Attacks that would reduce health to 0 have a chance to reduce health to 1% instead and gives allies Morale Boost. (This can only proc once.)
  • Equipped with advanced weaponry, increasing his chance to critically hit.
  • Immune to fear and charm effects; resistant to psychic effects

Level 1 - MA5B Burst - 6 hits Ranged Gun Single Target (Generalist)

Chief aims with his iconic assault rifle, then fires a hail of bullets at the target. Chief's level 1 can changed by his level 6. Each of the six attacks are modeled after a specific class.

  • Suppressed - Reduces Attack and Evasion
  • If Chief has Stratagem, this attack has Paragon Exploiter (This attack has low damage).

Level 2 - Plasma Grenades - 1 hit Ranged Energy All enemies 2 round cooldown

Chief brandishes two plasma grenades and hurls them. 

  • Shield Breaker
  • Exploits Shields
  • Plasma Burn - Taking damage every turn, lowers Defense and Evasion. Stacks with Burning.

Level 6 - Strategic Adaption - Buff Self 

Cortana relays data to Chief, prompting him to swap weapons.

  • Strategic Adaption - Swaps weapons and gains Stratagem: Increases Evasion and improves abilities.
  • Quick-Action

His complete list of weapons can be found here: Chief's Extra Weapons

Level 9 - Cortana - 1 hit Ranged Energy Tech All enemies 4 round cooldown

Cortana overloads with energy, devastating the enemy.

  • Catastrophic
  • Lock-On
  • Fried Circuits
  • Deadly Crits

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