Thanks to my friend SlickSlack723 for making this sprite

New Alt Modern Cyclops  


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  • New Passive Uncanny fighter
  1. All allies permanetly gain an increased stat each round
  2. can not be removed or preventerd
  • ​New Passive Genetic mutation: Lasers
  1. ​All allies' single target attacks have a chance to do splash damage

   New actions 

Level 1 Optic slaughter

  1. Ranged kinectic

Applies flanked-single target attacks provoke a follow up attack

Applies depower-actions no longer apply statuses

Applies optic blow-reduces enemy's health by 25%, Deafets an enemy if health is reduced under 30%

Applies demise

Level 2 Pummeling combo

Unarmed meele

Applies off balance

Applies cornerd

Applies winded

Applies doom

Cyclops gains lasers all around

Lasers all around-The next kinetic attack deals extra damage

Level 6 Battle orders

all ally buff

All allies gain 

combat awarness

Battle orders-Allies will follow orders dodging attacks, countering attacks, preempitvely countering attacks, joining in on attacks or retaliating when an ally is attacked


Level 9 Omega wave

All enemy ranged kinetic

Applies Preasure points

Applies disadvantage

Applies generalized

Applies Incapacitation

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