Makeshift villain
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Ninja Baseball Bat man-boss-0

His battle theme


Makeshift Villain is the sixth boss in Ninja Baseball Batman.

Class: Blaster

Gains Focused Attacks when attacking or attacked by Bruisers. Attacks ignore defense and are guaranteed to crit.


Cruelty - gains a damage boost when attacking bleeding enemies
Bulletproof Jacket - takes reduced damage from ranged attacks


Ranged Gun
2 hits
One Enemy
(special) Deadly Crits - deals extra damage on critical hits
(enemy) Lock-On - takes extra damage from ranged attacks

Bladed Jacket
Slashing Melee
All Enemies
(special) Adamantium - ignores the defense stat, but not shields
(enemy) Bleeding - takes damage each turn. Defense reduced.

Summon Mafia
Ranged Gun Summon
9 hits
All Enemies
(special) Summon Attack - cannot be countered
(enemy) Pressure Points - causes either Dizzy, Weakened, Slowed, or Exposed.

Spill Burning Wine
Ranged Water
All Enemies
(enemy) Burning - takes damage each turn. Defense reduced.

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