As first appeared on the now deleted M:AA Fanfic Wiki 2, July 7, 2014‎


Multiple Man- Madrox takes two turns every round

Take one for the team- any attacks on Madrox himself will be protected by dupes if one is available

Hits on multiple man himself grant a stack of duplication  


L1  Multiply- Strike opponent causes duplication (can hold up to five stacks of duplication)

L2  More than you can Chew- grants three stacks of duplication, dupes will protect allies and have a chance to join in on ally’s attacks 2 round cooldown 

L6  Spam Dupes- AoE causes disoriented, weakened, exposed, exhausted, and stunned for every stack of duplication – attacked by a bunch of multiple man dupes 2 round cooldown

L9  Multiplier- grants an extra turn this round. 3 round cooldown

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