For my next character, I decided to try out another Thunderbolt member, specifically Abner Jenkins, formally known as the Beetle, and now known as MACH-VII (and the other MACH armors beforehand).  Like Songbird, MACH-VII has pretty much gone on the straight and narrow path since reforming, even leading the Thunderbolts on field missions a couple of times although lately, he has been on mission control lately as well as helping out those trying to reform like Boomerang.  As a field leader as well as focusing more on mission control, I figure he be best as a tactician, plus he's the first power armor character who has nothing to do with Stark Industries.






Formerly known as the first Beetle, Abner Jenkins was a former aircraft mechanic who decided to start a criminal career after being dissatisfied with his job.  Building a power enhancement suit with anti-gravity wings and a cybernetic control helmet, the Beetle fought against the likes of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and Spider-Man.  Eventually, however after being a part of the original Thunderbolts, Jenkins decided to seriously reform and now helps reforming other villains as a parole officer for super villains.  His current MACH-VII outfit is equipped with multiple weapons, wings that can fly, and super strength and durability.

Recruitment Quote

Great to finally be able to go on the field again, gives me a chance to test out the new MACH-VII suit.  If you also need our "recent allies" on the same page, I can help with that as well.



Cybernetic Coordination-Chance for each ally to apply disadvantaged to an enemy.


L1:  Gatling Gun Arms-Energy Ranged-Single Target-High Critical, Static Charge, Lock-On

L2:  Bombs Away!-Explosion Ranged-All Enemies-Catastrophe, Burning, Bleeding

L6:  Smoke Clouds-Debuff-All Enemies-Cooldown 3 rounds-Poison, Radiation Exposure, Placebo (All debuffs can't be removed until their effects expired, can't be removed by a debuff, 3 rounds)

L9:  Homing Missile-Explosion Ranged-Single Target-Cooldown 2 rounds-Deadly Critical, True Strike, Guarenteed Hit, Exploit Attriction.

Team-Up Bonuses:


Big Guns

Red in the Ledger

Safety First


Tin Men

Wrench Monkeys (Beast, Iron Man, MACH-VII, Heroes who are mechanics)

Next character will be Sharon Carter, comments are welcome.

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