M4rvin (200 CP or Free when you complete "Covert Task: Might and Magic" during the RHG spec ops)

M4rvin is another RHG character made by me. He is able to conjure Magic Bolts which have varying effects and has the ability to Teleport or "Warp" as he calls it. Not only is he a great Magician, he is "Pro" at Close Quarters and in conjunction with his Warp, he can easily defeat unaware enemies


Blaster - Infiltrator



  • Warp Crazy
    • 20% Chance to warp to dodge an attack
    • Increased Chance to dodge when the attacking enemy has Bane or Combo Setup (50%)
    • Attacks dodged this way grants M4rvin an extra turn
  • Allied Warp
    • Chance to warp an Ally to dodge an incoming attack (5%), increased if attacking enemy has Bane or Combo Setup (15%)
    • Increased chance to warp an RHG ally (15%), increased if attacking enemy has Bane or Combo Setup (35%)
  • Magic Counter


Level 1 - Warp Punch

  • Unarmed Melee, One hit
  • One enemy
  • (Special) Stealthy
  • (Enemy) Pressure Points
  • (Enemy) Bane
  • (Self) Magic Counter - Removes Melee counter from self, Counters all Magic attacks against M4rvin and allied RHG characters. Warp Punch becomes default Counter/Follow-up

Level 2 - Magic Bolts

  • Ranged Magic Energy Explosion, One hit
  • All enemies
  • (Enemies) Wild Magic
  • (Enemies) Combo Setup
  • (Self) Melee Counter - Removes Magic counter from self, Counters all Unarmed attacks against M4rvin and allied RHG characters. Magic Bolt becomes default Counter/Follow-up

Level 6 - Super Magic Uppercut

  • Unarmed Magic Melee, One Hit
  • One enemy
  • (Special) Exploit Combos
  • (Special) Paragon Exploiter
  • (Special) Exploit Bane
  • (Special) Exploit Attrition

Level 9 - Crazy Warp

  • Unarmed Melee Magic Explosion Energy Ranged, 10 Hits
  • All Enemies
  • (Special) WARP! WARP! WARP!
    • Does a follow-up Warp Punch while Melee Counter is in effect
    • Does a follow-up Magic Bolts while Magic Counter is in effect
  • (Special) Stealthy
  • (Enemies) Flanked
  • (Enemies) Off-balanced
  • (Allies) Nimble

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