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LordRemiem can be recruited for 135 CP.

LordRemiem: I don't know why people find so difficult to win battles. It's simple, really: just go and burn down everything. And if it doesn't work, burn more. Don't you think?


BlasterLordRemiem's attacks against Bruisers are critical and ignore defense.
Tacticians' attacks against LordRemiem grant them an extra turn.


  • Health: 4/5
  • Stamina: 4/5
  • Attack: 5/5
  • Defense: 2/5
  • Accuracy: 3/5
  • Evasion: 3/5


  • There's ALWAYS time for the Wiki
    • Allies have a 50% chance to gain Chrono Shield before being attacked
      • Shield effect absorbs incoming damage
      • Attacks become Temporal and deal Timestream Displacement (See L1 move)
      • Attacking enemies gain Timestream Displacement
      • Immune to Temporal attacks and Time-based debuffs
  • Fast-posting
    • 25% Chance to give an ally an extra turn after he attacks or is attacked
    • Can trigger after Area-of-Effect attacks
    • Each ally cannot gain more than one extra turn per round


  • Quick Little Edits
    • Type: Ranged, Energy, Temporal
    • Target: One enemy
    • Special: Temporal (Ignores Protection and Avoidance effects)
    • One enemy: Buff Blocker (60% chance) (Removes and prevents buffs)
    • One enemy: Exhausted (Cannot take extra turns)
    • One enemy: Timestream Displacement
      • Can stack up to 5 times
      • Temporal attacks increase stacks by 1
      • Non-Temporal attacks remove all stacks
      • Each stack deals damage when removed (5% maximum health)
      • Slightly lowers Accuracy but slightly increases Evasion
  • A new Page has born
    • Type: Ranged, Temporal
    • Target: All enemies
    • Cooldown: 2 Rounds
    • Self: Ripple Effect (Counters and prevents counter-attacks and follow-up attacks for 1 Round; Enemy attacks cannot be Stealthy)
    • All enemies: Timestream Displacement (See L1 move)
  • No Time for This
    • Type: Ranged
    • Target: All enemies
    • Cooldown: 3 Rounds
    • Special: Catastrophic (Ignores Protection and Avoidance effects; Always hits)
    • Special: Wrinkle in Time (Deals extra damage against enemies with Timestream Displacement)
    • Special: Time Burn (Triggers and removes all stacks of Timestream Displacement; Each stack deals damage for 10% maximum health instead of 5%)
  • This Project is FINISHED!
    • Type: Debuff
    • Target: One enemy
    • Cooldown: 1 Round
    • Special: Subtle (Ignores most status effects)
    • Special: Quick Action (Grants an immediate free turn after this one; Doesn't trigger follow-up attacks)
    • One enemy: Archived (Cannot remove debuffs for 1 Round; Non-Temporal attacks against this target trigger Timestream Displacement without removing it)

Team-Up Bonuses

  • Defense of the Ancients: LordRemiem and any DOTA2 character
  • Eggheads: Heroes who are geniuses
  • MAA Fanfic Universe: Members of the MAA Fanfic Universe
  • We are Team: LordRemiem and any TF2 character

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