As originally posted by Leojsaad the 26/04/2014

Hi, guys, and welcome to another fanwork by me, today's fanwork features the one and only Lizard! Shall we begin? 

Modern Lizard

Bio: "Looking for a way to get back the arm he lost, Dr. Curt Connors spent years researching reptile DNA in order to regenerate it. He eventually created a serum using reptillian cells that regenerated his arm; however, it had horrible side effects. The serum transformed Connors into a reptillian-like creature, and he started calling himself "The Lizard". Eventually taken over by his reptile side, he entered a criminal life, often clashing with Spider-Man. One time, after Spidey fought Connors, he regained control and his reptile side vanished. Now, he seeks redemption aiding S.H.I.E.L.D. against Incursions and the Circle of 8."

Class:  Tactician (Default) / Scrapper

Base Stats:








  • Lizard Contained
    • ​Chance to grant an ally Epiphany before he attacks
    • Once defeated, goes back to full HP and enters Berserker Stance
  • Regrowth
    • ​Regenerates HP every round
    • The more stat-reducing debuffs Lizard has, the more HP he regains
  • Berserker Stance (only available after resurrection, replaces Lizard Contained)
    • Performs a follow-up attack against Bleeding enemies
    • Attacks against Bleeding enemies are guaranteed to hit
    • Counters attacks from Bleeding enemies

Tactician (Lizard Contained) Moveset

L1 Ability - Tail Knockout (Melee) -  / Two Hits / No Cooldown

One Enemy

  • Cornered
  • Fumbling
  • Enfeebled

L2 Ability - Awareness (Buff) -  / 100% Chance / 2 Rounds Cooldown

All Allies

  • Combat Awareness
  • The Sun Also Rises
  • Epiphany

L6 Ability - Intimidating Hiss (Debuff) -  / 100% Chance / 3 Rounds Cooldown

Special Properties

  • Subtle

All Enemies

  • Cower
  • Shell Shocked

L9 Ability

Look, guys, I'm tremendously sorry, but I'll have to stop this here. Don't worry, though; I'll get this finished tomorrow (June 27th). Again, really sorry, but it's college stuff, so... can't get away from that!

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