As first appeared on the now deleted M:AA Fanfic Wiki 2, July 13, 2014‎

Inner Legion-Legion takes on a random class before each turn and gains a related buff, however cooldowns and effects from previous actions carry over 


Each of Legions classes hold a new set of abilities 

TAC- Telepath/Electrical discharge (gains rising up or buildup)

L1  Static blast- applies static charge on enemy

L2  Shock Therapy- Attacks all damages, applies migraine, and 10% chance to stun

L6  Schizophrenic influence – Damages and applies mind control, fumbling, and disoriented on enemy 2 round cooldown

L9  Cerebral Probe – Grants mental coordination to allies and applies mental anguish to all enemies 3 round cooldown

BLAS- Telekinetic/Pyrokinetic (gains strengthened)

L1  Enflame- applies burning on enemy

L2  Telekinetic Volley- Pulls a lot of random stuff from a wormhole and throws it at enemy causing two any two random debuffs on each enemy  1 round cooldown

L6  TK force field- isolates enemy to neutralize attacks and prevent application of buffs or removal of debuffs  2 round cooldown

L9  Nuclear Burst- applies burning, radiation, weakened, dizzy and exposed on enemies 3 round cooldown

INF-Time traveler/Teleporter (gains agile)

L1 Summon- Stealthy attack teleport in a random goon or hero that applies a random DOT debuff on single enemy

L2 Wormhole- Protects against AoE attacks redirecting the attack back into the enemy team  1 round cooldown

L6  Strategic teleport- Deadly crits 2 round cooldown

L9  Blast to the past- sends enemies back a turn (essentially QJ effect) 3 round cooldown

SCR- Enhanced speed, strength, and fighting skills (gains focused)

L1 Right hook- applies target focus

L2 Body shots- applies combo set up on all enemies  1 round cooldown

L6 Kung Fu fighting- Deadly crits 2 round cooldown

L9 Krav Maga Fury- Damages enemies Grants combat awareness to allies and applies flanked to enemies 3 round cooldown

BRUS- Density/Shield powers (gains fortified)

L1 Heavy punch- applies off balance and wide open

L2 Enforcer- Phased protect against single target attacks, counters with L1 1 round cooldown

L6  Gravitational charge- 50% chance to stun enemy, 50% chance to phase self 2 round cooldown

L9  Gives allies shields with magnetic and healing effects with a single stack of mirror image 3 round cooldown

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