Cleaning Minister Kireizky


Cleaning Minister Kireizky is one of the Gaiark's ministers, who "cleans" the slate off Braneworlds he visited, destroying the Sound World, the Magic World, and the Prism World before coming to the Human World where he intervened during Engine-Oh G9's fight with Bin Banki.

Class: Blaster

Gains Focused Attacks when attacking or attacked by Bruisers. Attacks are guaranteed to crit and ignore defense.


Illusionary Wastebin - refills his life bar after it is depleted the first time. After this, he changes the environment to cause a permanent effect on all enemies. (Water = Drowning. Volcano = Burning. Landfill = poison.) Immune to Brutal Strikes.
Mechanical Body
Anti-Soul Floorcloth - when hit by energy attacks, chance to restore health and stamina instead of taking damage.


Broom Shotgun
Ranged Gun
One Enemy
(special) Guaranteed Hit
(Special) High Crits - high chance to crit
(enemy) Hobbled - attacks cannot be stealthy
(enemy) Off-Balance - removes and prevents counterattacks
(enemy) Lock-On - takes extra damage from ranged attacks

Dustpan Shield
(self) Dustpan Shield - protects allies from single-target and area attacks. Counters attacks. Takes reduced damage.

Dust Trash
Slashing Melee
One Enemy
2 hits
(enemy) Tenderized - takes increased damage from slashing attacks
(enemy) Wide-Open - takes extra damage from ranged attacks

Cotton Swab Kunai
Ranged Slashing
All Enemies
(special) Adamantium - ignores the defense stat, but not shields
(enemy) Pin Cushion - takes increased damage from follow-up and counter attacks

Kunai Barrage
Ranged Slashing
16 hits
One Enemy
(special) Adamantium - ignores the defense stat, but not shields
(special) Exploits Tenderize - does extra damage to tenderized enemies
(special) Deadly Crits - deals extra damage on critical hits

Bucket Bazooka
Ranged Explosion
One Enemy
(special) Ignore Defense - ignores the defense stat and shields
(special) Guaranteed Hit
(enemy) Pyrophoric - nearby fire and explosive attacks may chain to this target, causing extra damage.

Floorcloth Grenade
Ranged Explosion
All Enemies
(enemy) Incapacitation - chance to lose a turn
(enemy) Exposed - defense decreased by 25%
(enemy) Neutralized - removes and prevents stat-increasing effects

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