King pig

Bio: The King Pig is the main antagonist of the Angry Birds series of games, and serves as the leader of the Bad Piggies. His grand scheme is using his minions to capture three unhatched eggs from the birds to use as food. It is revealed that his stash is always empty although his subjects believe the stash is always full of eggs. While he does succeed on most occasions, the birds are able to destroy his army and retrieve the eggs, while badly injuring the King Pig, though he never quits and always somehow recovers. His appearance is different in Angry Birds Toons, similar to the design in the Freddie for A Day Short and the Bad Piggies Cinematic Trailer.

Class: Generalist

Passive 1: King - All Pig goon Allies will protect King Pig until he is defeated.

Passive 2: Relentless

Passive 3: Crybaby - When hit, causes allies to do more damage.


Donut Toss - AoE - Ranged

Debuffs: Sticky, Slowed

Fake Cardboard Images - AoE, King Pig - Buff, Debuff

Debuffs: Disoriented

Buffs: Mirror Images

Escape - Flees Battle

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