King Arthur

Class: Generalist

Health: 3/5

Stamina: 3/5

Attack: 4/5

Defense: 4/5

Accuracy: 3/5


  • The True King
    • Immune to Exploitation effects
    • Chance to gain a random class ability after attacking
  • Magic Warding


  1. A Righteous Man (Magic Slashing Melee) - Single target, 2 hits.
    1. Bane
    2. High Crits
  2. Savior of Britain (Buff Melee) - Single target, 2 hits.
    1. Protection of the King
      1. Protects allies from Melee attacks
      2. Counters attacks that are protected against
    2. Quick Action
  3. Lord of the Round Table (Magic Slashing Melee) - Single target, 1 hit.
    1. Tenderized
    2. Bleeding
    3. Deadly Crits
  4. Excalibur (Magic Slashing Melee) - Single target, 3 hits.
    1. Deadly Crits
    2. Finest Hour
    3. Exploits Tenderized
    4. Exploit Opportunity

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