As originally posted the 18/12/2013

Welcome to the fifth part of 10 Days of Christmas Special, now featuring Justice.

Modern Justice

Cost: 90 


"A runaway child, Vance Astrovik stumbled upon Ben Grimm, who helped him. Later working at a circus, he and Grimm took down Taskmaster, who was using the circus to train henchmen. His mutant telekinetic powers allow him to fly, move objects, create force fields, among other powers."

Recruitment Dialogue:

"Thanks for the invitation, Agent. I'm not sure how I'll be able to help...

But you can still count me in."

Class: Blaster


  • Flying
  • Telekinetic Master
    • Chance to move debris in front of himself when targeted by attacks, blocking them
    • Chance to preemptively counter enemies by throwing debris onto them

L1 Ability - Push (Ranged) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

  • Staggered
  • Rising Up

L2 Ability - Many Directions (N/A) - N/A, N/A, N/A

  • Multi-Function

L2 First Ability - Throw Up (Ranged) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

  • Dizzy
  • Flanked
  • Strength Required
    • ​Requires  Strengthened to be used

L2 2nd Ability - Bring Down (Ranged) - All Enemies, One Hit, 2 Rounds Cooldown

  • Heavy
  • Slowed
  • Don't Let Your Guard Down
    • ​Requires  Fortified to be used

L2 3rd Ability - Left Push (Ranged) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

  • Neutralized
  • Keep Your Eyes on the Game
    • ​Requires  Focused to be used

L2 4th Ability - Push to the Right (Ranged) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

  • Fumbling
  • Run Like the Wind
    • ​Requires  Agile to be used

L6 Ability - Telekinetic Blast (Ranged Energy) - One Enemy, One Hit, 2 Rounds Cooldown

  • Blinded
  • Fatigue
  • Stealthy

L9 Ability - Debris Throw (Ranged) - One Enemy, One Hit, No Cooldown

  • Stun (50% chance)
  • Off-balance
  • Cornered

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