As first appeared on the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki with the name "Fanmade moveset: Classic Jubilee & Vampire Jubilee", May 6, 2014


Recruitment Dialogue: "I'm totally with you on this, Agent, ok? But I swear, if my headphones get ruined, it's coming out of SHIELD'S pocket."    


Health: 3/5

Stamina: 4/5

Attack: 3/5

Defence: 3/5

Accuracy: 4/5

Evasion: 2/5


File:Effect Icon 156 Blue.png
Stylin': Sunglasses provide a 50% chance to ignore 'blinding' and 'distracted' effects.  

File:Effect Icon 083 Blue.png

Static thoughts: 50% chance to resist psychic attacks.    

File:Effect Icon 082 Blue.png

Quick on the draw: 10% chance to pre-empetively attack an enemy. 


Level one A:

Firework!: Single-target, energy, ranged. Applies blinded & radiation exposure 

Level one B:

File:Moonstone-Blinding Attraction.png
Firework show!: All enemies. Energy ranged catasrophic. Applies blinded. 

Level Two:


Take that!: Single-target, unarmed, melee. Applies combo setup

Level Six:

Chill out!: Buff ability/All allies. Removes most non-d.o.t effects from all allies. Restores stamina to all allies. Quick Action. Three-round cooldown. 

Level Nine:

File:Spiral-Sword Dance.png
Dance to the Music: Debuff/Buff. Melee unarmed. Applies disoriented to all enemies. Applies morall boost to all allies. Two-round cooldown. 

Empowered Iso-8:

Empowered Iso-8 029
Radiant E-iso: Automatically applies blinded and distracted to all enemies. 

Vampire Alternate Uniform:


Passives: (Calm)

File:Effect Icon 034 Red.png
Predatory: Will always crit against bleeding targets.   

File:Effect Icon 154 Red.png
Lost it!: 40% chance to change to feral mode and gain new moves if hit by a bleeding target. (Allies, beware!)  

File:Effect Icon 034 Green.png
Inner Rage: attacking a bleeding target grants a 5% attack boost. can stack up to four times. 


Level One: 

File:Sabretooth-Claw Swipe.png

  Swipe:Melee slashing unarmed. Applies raveged, bleeding.    

Level Two:

Black Widow-Flying Kick

Predator kicks: Stealthy AOE attack. Applies distracted and pummelled. Two-round cooldown    

Level Six:  

Gamora-Demoralizing Shout

Scare off: Subtle debuff: Applies cower and distracted to all enemies

Level Nine: 


Lose control: Quick Action. Changes to Feral mode voluntarily. Three-round cooldown



 Feral mode:

File:Effect Icon 154 Green.png

Keep my cool: re-charging has a 40% chance to revert Jubille to 'Calm' form

File:Effect Icon 145 Red.png
So tasty....: Attacking a bleeding target will restore health and remove negative effects. Very small chance (5%) to attack a bleeding ally at random. 
File:Effect Icon 034 Green.png

Inner rage: Attacking a bleeding target gives a 5% attack boost. Can stack up to four times. 


Level One:

Ambush: Melee slashing. Applies bleeding 2x, ravaged, and pain. 

Level Two:

Nico Minoru-Blood Sacrifice
Jugular bite: Melee stealthy unarmed. Hemorrhaging attack. Truestrike. Applies internal bleeding 2x and rapid psychosis. Gives Jubilee health equal to the amount of damage given. Two-round cooldown. 

Level Six:

Beast-A Farewell to Arms
Rage: Melee AOE slashing. Applies mangled and weakened to all enemies. 

Level Nine:

Emma Frost-Psychic Tap
Deep breath: Quick Action. Switches Jubilee to 'Calm'. Three-round cooldown. 

"I'm cool....I'm cool..."

Empowered Iso-8:

Empowered Iso-8 011
Bloody Iso-8: Attack, defence, evasion and accuracy increased by 50%. Small chance (10%) to attack allies instead of enemies. 

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