Jacky hero
"Jacky 50A was a normal contributor, and a pretty new guy in MAA Fanfic Universe wiki. However, he has travelled to countless other wikis such as Godzilla Wiki, Marvel Movies Wiki, Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki, Marvel Wiki, Mortal Kombat Wiki, and others. He is also an admin, bureaucrat and security chief of Respawnables Wiki who holds the Banhammer highly in the air to strike down spammers. Now he appears as a hero. Do not annoy him with any kind of spams or debuffs. You'll encourage him to show off his curses and spells."


Recruitment Cost

  • Requires 300 Command Point.
  • Free for Respawnables Wiki users and admins.

Recruitment Dialogue

  • "Let me show you how you ban dudes and hackers from this world! Just show your battle curses and others and a block with your ban-ability and DONE!"


  • Has no strengths or weaknesses against other classes.


  • Every stats are 5 bars and the amount of every stats are 900000000


Effect Icon 036 Green
Bureaucrats Assemble!
  • Grants all allies Bureaucrats Assemble.
  • Bureaucrats Assemble only gives 300% stat boost to normal players and gives Bureaucrats and Admins of Wikis who are players a 100% chance to join on Jacky 50A's attacks.

Effect BG 3 GreenEffect Icon 001Doom Of Hackers

  • Even before a PVP match starts, automatically kills any players' agent who are hacking and cheating, and puts to the hacker agent's heroes on the PVP battle Doom.

Effect BG 3 GreenEffect Icon 041Watcher's Eye

  • All of enemies' attacks against Jacky 50A cannot inflict debuffs or buffs the enemy itself.
  • Automatically kills all enemies when a member of the enemy team attacks an ally.

Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 071Protecting All Pages!

  • Automatically gives all allies an infinite shield for every match.

Effect BG 3 GreenEffect Icon 063Look At My Mouth!

  • At the first of the match, puts Look At My Mouth! at all enemies.
  • Look At My Mouth! stuns enemies for every turn.

Effect BG 3 GreenEffect Icon 023Infinite Round

  • Grants all allies 8 turns every time being attacked.
  • Allies' stamina cannot be disminished.
  • Chance to instantly gives all allies infinite health when being attacked.
  • All allies are immune to Fatal Blow.


Jacky 50A-LOOK AT MEH!
Look At MEH! (Level 1)
  • 50 hits.
  • Attacks all enemies.
  • Ranged tech magic fire attack.
  • Inflicts:
    • Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 031 Atomic Curse: After 3 rounds, all enemies will only have 0.5 health left and all stats are reduced to zero.
    • Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 154 Zero Hour: All enemies will die after attacking twice or more.
  • Special Properties:
    • Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 014Super Duper Feet: Chance to gain 10 extra turns after doing this action.
Jacky 50A-Blast Of Ban
Blasts Of Ban (Level 2)
  • 10 hits.
  • Attacks one enemy.
  • Ranged magic electric fire attack.
  • Inflicts:
    • Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 129 You Are Marked For Ban: Targets with this debuff will be instantly killed with an attack that has high critical hit damage, or a large amount of hits.
    • Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 120 Candidate For Deletion: Chance to be removed from the match and moved to another match. After 3 times being moved, targets with this debuff will be forever lost and came back again 24 hours later.
Jacky 50A-Minion Rush
Minion Rush (Level 6)
  • 1 hit.
  • Attacks one enemy.
  • Melee ranged minion banana attack.
  • Inflicts:
    • Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 070 No Bananas: Targets with this debuff will take more damage from Minion Rush.
    • Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 043 Hah? Papoy?: Targets with this debuff will be inflicted with more random debuffs next turn.
Jacky 50A-Banhammer
Banhammer (Level 9)
  • 100 hits.
  • Attacks all enemies.
  • Melee magic tech energy fire ice attack.
  • Inflicts:
    • Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 173 You Are Banned!: Instantly kills targets with this in a moment the attack just hit, removing the player or enemies for 30 minutes from the game and makes the agent win.
    • Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 159 Cry!: Loses every turn and leaves a calling card to a random Team Fortress 2 player.

Team-Up Bonuses

  • MAA Fanfic Universe: Members of the Fanfic Universe wiki.
  • League Of Legends: Jacky has a League Of Legends move, notably his Level 2 which is actually taken from a champion from LoL named Xerath.

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