As first appeared on the now deleted M:AA Fanfic Wiki 2, July 1, 2014

After a near-death experience, Peter Parker allowed Tony Stark to give him a specially-made suit, which came with a wide variety of features. 

The Iron Spider-Suit


  • Tactician: 70 command points
  • Bruiser: 70 Command points



  • Great responsibility: Chance to protect allies from an incoming attack
  • Spider-sense: Chance to gain an extra turn after dodging (Not affected by Exhausted options)
  • Equilibrium: Immune to off-balance, winded and Staggered. 

Level One: Web shot.

  • Single-target ranged
  • applies 'Webbed' 

Level Two: Tactical observation

  •  buff/debuff
  • Quick-action
  • Appplies weak point on all enemies. 
  • All Allies gain 'Spider-sense' for two rounds

Level Six: Web Slingshot

  • Single-target melee
  • Stun (60% chance)
  • Exploits webbed

Level Nine: Web Trap

  • Subtle
  • Area of effect
  • Applies 'incapacitated' to all enemies. 
  • Webbing (2x)

Team-Up bonuses:


Newly Assembled

Future Foundation



Keep it Secret


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