Bio: A spaniard that is an expert in fencing, he has a bit of a drinking problem and spends his entire life looking for the six-fingered man (who killed his father). Inigo and his only friend Fezzik later join Westley in storming the castle. It is in this climactic scene that Inigo finally gets his revenge when he meets Count Rugen.

Character Info

Name: Inigo Montoya

Outfit: Classic Inigo Montoya

Class: Tactician

Stats: hp 3/5, stam 3/5, att 3/5, def 3/5, acc 4/5, evas 4/5

Passive 1: I'm not Left-Handed - Chance to preemptively dodge an opponents melee attack, and counter it with "I'm not left-handed.", causing disoriented.

Passive 2: Parry - Chance to preemptively counter enemy attacks with Riposte, placing Depower on the enemy.

Passive 3: The Line - After Inigo Uses each of his 4 moves individually, Recharge will extend to allow him attack using to all 4 moves at one time.

  • Combination of Moves is just all 4 moves at one time. However, it has its own personal stamina cost.


1. Hello... - Single Enemy - Melee, Slashing

  • Animation: Stab enemy, Slash Point 2, Return and Block

Debuffs: Tenderized

Buffs: Fortified

2. ...My Name is Inigo Montoya... - Single Enemy - Melee, Slashing

  • Animation: Leaping Point 1 Slash, Double Pin Strike, Return to Sparring position.

Debuffs: Ravaged, Intimidated

Buffs: Focused

3. ...You Killed My Father... - Single Enemy - Melee, Slashing

  • Circle Spin Point 1 and 2, Head Tap, Stab, Return

Abilities: Exploit Tenderize, Hemorrhage

Debuffs: BleedingX3

Buffs: Strengthened

4. ...Prepare to Die! - Single Enemy - Melee, Slashing

  • Enraged Stabbing(4), 5 Point Slash, Deadly Decapitation, Return(10 hits in all)

Abilities: Finest Hour!, Exploit Bleed, Revenge Taken

  • Revenge Taken - Removes all Finest Hour! buffs when used.

Debuffs: Cower, Fumbling, Broken Will

Team-Up Bonuses


Average Joes



Big Mouth



Red in the Ledger

Savvy? - Pirate Like

Vendetta - Heroes who have an urge for Revenge for some reason or another, Punisher for instance

You have my Sword

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