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[hide]#Mission 3: Lost Souls

    1. Threats
    2. Heroic Battle
    3. Deploys
    4. Mini-Boss/Boss/Epic Boss
    5. Boss Drops
      1. Boss
      2. Epic Boss
    6. Dialogues
      1. Mission Start
      2. The Hood Mini-Boss: Reveal
      3. The Hood Mini-Boss: Start
      4. The Hood Mini-Boss: Complete
      5. Baron Mordo (Boss): Reveal
      6. Baron Mordo (Boss): Start
      7. Baron Mordo (Boss): Complete
      8. Blackheart (Epic Boss): Reveal
      9. Blackheart (Epic Boss): Start
      10. Blackheart (Epic Boss): Complete
      11. Mission Complete
      12. Deploy 1: Start
      13. Deploy 1: Complete
      14. Deploy 2: Start
      15. Deploy 2: Complete
      16. Deploy 4: Start
      17. Deploy 5: Start
      18. Deploy 5: Complete

Mission 3: Lost Souls

Briefing: There are lots of people looking for the Infinity Gems. Baron Mordo is opening portals near Sanctum Sanctorum, and demons keep pouring out faster than Dr. Strange can close them. We need to contain this, and fast.

Location: Sanctum Sanctorum

Nº of Incursions: One

Note: This is the Epic Boss mission


Low (1)BellatorDomina

Medium (4): Wave 1 -  CuspteroPraefectus, Cusptero ; Wave 2 - IncasciaMeretrix

High (3): Wave 1 - AuspexSicuspcisTetrabrach ; Wave 2 - SubcinctusVerignis

Heroic Battle

Required Heroes: MedusaBlack Bolt

Team-Up: Thane

Battle Briefing: Medusa and Black Bolt have detected Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight and Supergiant of the Black Order in the midst of the battle near to Sanctum Sanctorum. They've volunteered to confront them and discover the reason of their "visit".

Wave 1 - Corvus GlaiveProxima MidnightSupergiant

Special Strategies: On this battle, characters with Tied Up receive double damage and deal half damage than they did before.


  • [1]Particular Empowered Isotope-8 for Black Bolt
    • [2][3]Energy Particles
      • Any ally gains 2 stacks of Ambient Particles whenever they use an Energy attack
  • [4]Resilient Empowered Isotope-8 for Medusa
    • [5][6]Hairspray
      • Stunning hair
      • Applies Distracted and Disoriented to attackers
  • [7]Fatal Empowered Isotope-8 for Thane
    • [8][9] Fatal Amber
      • Enemies with Hardened Amber get KO'ed once their HP is reduced to 20%


Ghost Rider needs to take a peek at some of the demonic realms that are sending those demons over to Earth, to see if Mephisto isn't involved.


DURATION:3 BATTLES [12] CHANCE TO GET:1 Random Deploy Reward
There are some demons trying to break into Avengers Mansion. Maybe they don't know the Space Gem has already been taken from there. Send Hellstrom to send the message.


DURATION:2 BATTLES [15] CHANCE TO GET:1 Random Deploy Reward
Several types of demons are rampaging through Little Italy. Though the idea of letting the Maggia's number of goons get lower is appealing, there are innocent people in the área. Send someone able to counter the different demons.




CHANCE TO GET:Team Healing Elixir
Reed Richards has some intel on the Infinity Gems he was keeping from us because of the Illuminati's secret-keeping. He's willing to let us go over that research so we can try and counter the gems' power. Send someone to pick the research up.


DURATION:1 BATTLE [22] CHANCE TO GET:1 Random Deploy Reward
The Guardians of the Galaxy have dealt with the Infinity Gems once... though with just one of them. Drax needs to contact some "friends" and ask them to investigate into Mr. Infinity Gauntlet himself, Thanos. If Thanos is involved, this might help us prepare.


DURATION:4 BATTLES [25] CHANCE TO GET:1 Random Deploy Reward

Mini-Boss/Boss/Epic Boss

Mini-Boss: The Hood (Team-Up: Satana)

Wave 1 - The Hood

Boss: Baron Mordo (Team-Up: Dr. Strange)

Wave 1 - Sicuspcis, Baron Mordo, Sicuspcis

Epic Boss: Blackheart (Team-Up: Dr. Strange)

Wave 1 - Sicuspcis, Tetrabrach, Auspex ; Wave 2 - Verignis, Subcinctus ; Wave 3 - Blackheart

Boss Drops


Sword of Broken Souls

Type: Melee Slashing Magic

Nº of Hits: One        Target: One Enemy      2 Rounds Cooldown

[32]Sinful Augmented Isotope-8

Hero: Satana Move: Soul Kiss

[33][34]Last Kiss

  • Soul Kiss heals Satana to full health if it hits a target with 3 stacks of Sin and Bane

[35] Energetic Augmented Isotope-8

Hero: Dr. Strange Move: Bolts of Balthakk

[36][37] True Magic

  • Bolts of Balthakk now grants 3 stacks of Mystic Energy

Epic Boss

Black Dagger


Mission Start



Director Fury. We need S.H.I.E.L.D.'s assistance at Sanctum Sanctorum.

Nick Fury:
Nick Fury Dialogue

Maria Hill:
Maria Hill Dialogue
We've got multiple portals opening near Sanctum Sanctorum!

Nick Fury:
Nick Fury Dialogue
Forget it.

The Hood Mini-Boss: Reveal

Dr. Strange:


Satana, I am currently busy trying to shut down most of the portals, but I can see the Hood getting closer. Could you take care of him for me?



Okay. For your information, I was going to do that anyway. It's not because you asked.

Dr. Strange:



Of course.

The Hood Mini-Boss: Start



Hello, Parker. Here to steal some gems?

Yes. But you don't need to stand in my way. Join us, and the Gems will give you all the power you want. The Hood:




That's not a bad offer...

Daimon Hellstrom:





Okay, okay. I'll get the Gems myself after I'm done with you.


The Hood Mini-Boss: Complete



Am I really going to have to stay here with him until you send someone to get him?

Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
You can leave whenever you--




Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
She's just walking away? Seriously?

Maria Hill:
Maria Hill Dialogue
We've got bigger problems than her. We'll deal with that later.

Baron Mordo (Boss): Reveal

Dr. Strange:


I can see Baron Mordo. I will attack now before matters get even worse.

Baron Mordo (Boss): Start

Dr. Strange:


Mordo! You cannot have the Soul Gem. It is too powerful for you.

Nothing is too powerful for me. Once I have the Gem, I will be unstoppable. Baron Mordo:


Dr. Strange:


Believe my words, Mordo. I will do anything in my power to make sure you don't get that Gem.

Yes, you will. And it will not be enough. Baron Mordo:


Baron Mordo (Boss): Complete

Dr. Strange:


Mordo has vanished. But our mission here is not finished. When I arrived, he had just summoned a demon more powerful than the rest, that escaped during our fight. I can feel him, but I am not sure who it is.

Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
At least the Gem is safe.

Blackheart (Epic Boss): Reveal

Dr. Strange:


The demon that Mordo has summoned is Blackheart. I know where he is, but we need to get to him quickly.

Nick Fury:
Nick Fury Dialogue
Agent, go with Doctor Strange. He'll need as much support as possible.

Blackheart (Epic Boss): Start

Strange! If you are here to stop me, you should retreat. You know you can't win. I can sense your fear. Blackheart:


Dr. Strange:


If I weren't afraid in this situation, I wouldn't be human. Your time here has come to an end, Blackheart.

We'll see. Blackheart:


Blackheart (Epic Boss): Complete

Dr. Strange:


Blackheart fled, but at least he didn't take the Gem. I will return to the Sanctum Sanctorum, where I will collect the Soul Gem and bring it to you, where we can determine a good place for it to be hidden.

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
Sounds like a plan.

Maria Hill:
Maria Hill Dialogue
Wait... did we let the Sanctum Sanctorum unguarded during the fight with Blackheart?

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
Strange, get there fast.

Mission Complete

Dr. Strange:



Tony Stark:


Someone took the Gem, right?

Dr. Strange:


Yes. Like the Power Gem and the Space Gem, we lost the Soul Gem. It must have happened during the fight with Blackheart. I feel the presence of two of Mordo's demonic lackeys.

Mr. Fantastic:


The U-Foes just broke out of the Raft.

Maria Hill:
Maria Hill Dialogue
What? How?

Mr. Fantastic:


Security footage shows a person planting explosives on the outside of the prison. The cameras weren't able to identify that person, and hundreds of inmates got out.

I believe the U-Foes, with the support of several escapees, are headed for the Baxter Building to get the Reality Gem.

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
Why do you think that?

Mr. Fantastic:


Because the Baxter Building doors are almost blown to pieces by grenade launchers.

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue

Deploy 1: Start

Ghost Rider:


I'll "pay a visit" to some known demonic realms. I'll be able to know if Mephisto is involved or not, and shorten their ranks. Be right back.

Deploy 1: Complete

Ghost Rider:


Mephisto isn't in this. He's just laying low. Whatever it is that we're dealing with is bad enough to scare Mephisto. We need to be careful.

Deploy 2: Start

Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
Daimon, could you get rid of some demons in Avengers Mansion for us?

Daimon Hellstrom:


Looking forward to it.

Deploy 2: Complete

Daimon Hellstrom:


That was a fun little warm-up.

Deploy 4: Start

Mr. Fantastic:


I've gotten some data on the Infinity Gems that might interest S.H.I.E.L.D.. If you can, it would be wise to send someone over here to the Baxter Building to pick it up.

Deploy 5: Start



I'll go out for a while to reach out for some contacts. Infinity Gems usually point towards Thanos, and if he's in this, we need to know. I won't take long.

Deploy 5: Complete



I wasn't able to get any concrete answers. But if the rumours are true... we better be careful.

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