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[hide]#Mission 1 - Countless Heads

    1. Threats
    2. Heroic Battle
    3. Deploys
    4. Mini-Boss/Boss
    5. Boss Drops
      1. Intelligent Augmented Isotope-8
    6. Dialogues
      1. Start
      2. Viper Mini-Boss: Reveal
      3. Viper Mini-Boss: Start
      4. Viper Mini-Boss: Complete
      5. Baron Strucker Mini-Boss: Reveal
      6. Baron Strucker Mini-Boss: Start
      7. Baron Strucker Mini-Boss: Complete
      8. Red Skull (Boss): Reveal
      9. Red Skull (Boss): Start
      10. Red Skull (Boss): Complete
      11. Mission Complete
      12. Deploy 1: Start
      13. Deploy 1: Complete
      14. Deploy 2: Start
      15. Deploy 3: Start
      16. Deploy 3: Complete

Mission 1 - Countless Heads

Briefing: HYDRA moves several soldiers to Wakanda, appearently looking for something. Let's find out what it is before they can get to it.

Location: Riverside City

Nº of Incursions: One


Low (3): Wave 1 - Hydra BurnerHydra Soldier

Medium (2): Wave 1 - Hydra Judicator, Hydra Judicator; Wave 2 - Hydra Rampart, Hydra Rampart

High (3): Wave 1 - Hydra Vanguard, Hydra Judicator, Hydra Vanguard; Wave 2 - Hydra Rampart, Hydra Rampart

Heroic Battle

Required Heroes: Spider-WomanWonder Man

Battle Briefing: Arnim Zola has been spotted near a Iso-8 warehouse in Wakanda with a couple of HYDRA soldiers. Spider-Woman and Wonder Man are closest.

Wave 1 - Hydra Vanguard, Arnim Zola, Hydra Vanguard

Strategy: By applying Mind Control on Arnim Zola, he'll be guaranteed to attack his allies and take normal damage from counter and follow-up attacks due to a special debuff called Hormonic Weakness.


  • [1]Pheromonic EISO for Spider-Woman
    • [2][3]Pheromone Manipulation
      • Chance to preemptively counter attacks from targets affected by Pheromones
  • [4]Molecular EISO for Wonder Man
    • [5][6]Instant Regeneration
      • Begins combat with Molecular Reconstruction


A small number of HYDRA soldiers has rounded some wakandan civilians to use as hostages in a dense forest a couple of miles away from the Riverside City. Over there, they won't see Groot coming.




CHANCE TO GET:Offensive Accelerator
We're not sure what HYDRA's looking for, but just to make sure, send someone to guard the Wakandan Vault. What we have in there is too dangerous to leave unguarded.


DURATION:3 BATTLES [13] CHANCE TO GET:1 Random Deploy Reward
Phoenix can perform a psychic sweep on the HYDRA soldiers to see if we can get some intel. HYDRA probably didn't share key info with their low-rank soldiers, but it doesn't hurt to try.


DURATION:2 BATTLES [16] CHANCE TO GET:1 Random Deploy Reward


Mini-Boss 1: Viper (Team-Up: Mockingbird)

Wave 1 - Hydra Rampart, Viper, Hydra Rampart

Mini-Boss 2: Baron Strucker (Team-Up: Mockingbird)

Wave 1 - Hydra Vanguard, Baron Strucker, Hydra Vanguard

Boss: Red Skull (Team-Up: Mockingbird)

Wave 1 - Red Skull

Boss Drops

Cosmic Shotgun

Type: Ranged Tech Energy Gun

Target: One Enemy        Nº of Hits: One       Cooldown: 2 Rounds



Intelligent Augmented Isotope-8

Hero: Mockingbird Move: Critical Intel

  • [26][27]Counter-Intel
    • Critical Intel targets only one enemy, but grants a Class Power corresponding to the target's class



Maria Hill:
Maria Hill Dialogue
HYDRA soldiers are taking over the Riverside City in Wakanda. They need some serious help over here.

Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
What's HYDRA doing in Wakanda again?

Black Panther:


I believe they are looking for na artifact that is kept in a secret vault known only to me. And now to you. They are focusing their attacks there.

Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
Okay, we'll try sending someone there to reinforce security. Mockingbird, are you ready to strike?



Yep. Point me at'em.

Viper Mini-Boss: Reveal



There's Viper. I'm moving in.

Viper Mini-Boss: Start

Mockingbird. Viper:




Cut the formalities. Ready to get a good ol' beat-up?

I could ask the same to you. I just won't wait for you to be ready. Viper:


Viper Mini-Boss: Complete



I was close to bringing her down, but a whole bunch of HYDRA goons showed up and covered her. I wasn't even able to see her escaping.

Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
It's okay. We'll send someone after her.

Baron Strucker Mini-Boss: Reveal

Nick Fury:
Nick Fury Dialogue
Strucker. Bobbi, go get him.



With pleasure.

Baron Strucker Mini-Boss: Start

Come to get your wings ripped apart, insignificant bird? Baron Strucker:


Baron Strucker Mini-Boss: Complete



Strucker's down and out.

Nick Fury:
Nick Fury Dialogue
We're sending a team to pick him up.

Red Skull (Boss): Reveal



Oh, now we're dealing with the big guns. Glad I'm a big gun. Come on, Agent, this is gonna be fun.

Red Skull (Boss): Start

S.H.I.E.L.D. must be running low on resources if they sent you to fight the Red Skull. Let us make this quick. Red Skull:




Quick? Oh, no, I'm gonna enjoy this. Then you'll see how it feels to get beaten up by a last resource.

Red Skull (Boss): Complete



Dammit, that's the second one I let get away. That's it, I'm going after him.

Maria Hill:
Maria Hill Dialogue
No, Mocking-- she's gone. We'll find her later.

Mission Complete



I cannot believe you tased me and brought me back to the Helicarrier unconscious.

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
Sorry, Bobbi, but we've got some more serious problems.

Black Panther:


We got diverted from the real problem during the fight with the Red Skull. HYDRA soldiers were able to infiltrate the vault and take a dangerous artifact.

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
Please tell me it's not what I'm thinking.

Black Panther:


I'm afraid it is. HYDRA took one of the Infinity Gems. More specifically, the Power Gem. I, along with a select group of people, which includes Stark, was guarding the gem.

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
If HYDRA gets their hands on the other gems...

Nick Fury:
Nick Fury Dialogue
Then we'll have to deal with the Infinity Gauntlet. Perfect.

Tony Stark:
Tony Stark Dialogue
This is really bad. Nick, we'll need heavy protection on Avengers Mansion, Sanctum Sanctorum, the Baxter Building, Avengers Tower and Utopia. No time for questions.

Nick Fury:
Nick Fury Dialogue
You owe me a lot of explanations, Stark... but let's leave that for later.

Maria Hill:
Maria Hill Dialogue
Damn it! A.I.M. is attacking Avengers Mansion! We need to move quickly!

Deploy 1: Start

Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
Groot, we have a complicated hostage situation in a forest close to this city. Can you take care of it?



I am Groot.

Rocket Raccoon:


Let me translate: "Of course, Coulson. I will be back soon."

Deploy 1: Complete



I AM Groot!

Rocket Raccoon:


Ha! Mind your language. I ain't translating that. It might traumatize Coulson.

Deploy 2: Start

Black Panther:


I request assistance in the protection of the Vault. Stay in front of it to defend its doors... but do not go in.

Deploy 3: Start

Agent Coulson:
Agent Coulson Dialogue
Phoenix, could you check out the thoughts of some of those soldiers? It could give us some nice intel.

Phoenix Icon 1
Of course I can do it. I'll finish this quickly.

Deploy 3: Complete

Phoenix Icon 1
I wasn't able to determine exactly what they're looking for... but I do know it is powerful. Every soldier has been advised to use a special device to acquire the object if they find it, because the consequences are... well, let's just say "explosive".

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