Ice Bird

Bio: Ice Bird is an extraterrestrial companion to the Flock once they arrive in Space. He convinces the Flock to help him in his quest to recover the Eggsteroid. He is intent on saving his home planet from the Space Pigs, but Red is convinced he can help get them home. His power is to freeze enemies solid in an icy explosion

Character Info

Name: Ice Bird

Outfit: Space Ice Bird

Class: Tactician

Stats: hp 3/5, stam 3/5, att 2/5, def 4/5, acc 3/5, evas 3/5

Passive 1: Chills to the Bone - Applies Deathfrost when touched.

ABS Passive: Chilling Aura - All Attacks apply Chilled and Slowed. Shared with other ABS.

  • If 2 ABS are in play, activates Flock Power!, which is Future Countdown


1. Cold Cuts - Single Enemy - Melee, Unarmed, Ice

Debuffs: Tenderized, Chilled

2. Ice Scream - AoE - Ranged, Sonic, Ice(2 rd cd)

  • No Damage

Debuffs: Deathfrost, Cower

3. Ice Shard - Single Enemy - Ranged, Slashing, Ice(1 rd cd)

Abilities: Quick Action, Coldsnap

Debuffs: Fumbling

4. Freeze! - Single Enemy - Ice, Explosion(2 rd cd)

Debuffs: Eternal Winter, Immobilized

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