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Here's a New Post! I will add a image soon. This was originally in M:AA Fanfic 3. Just Copied and Pasted.


Danial Willard was born in the Akumi Islands, the only area where prehistoric and Mythic Beasts reside. He was raised by the Sun-ki Li tribe and was trained to Hunt and Track. He has recently obtained the position of Spirit of the Wild, making him the soul protector of the Akumi Islands and All Wild Life.


  • Hunter-Tracker - Takes 50% less damage from Poisoned and Bleeding.
    • 30% chance to apply Targeted and Bleeding on Attacking Targets.
    • Immune to Opportunist Debuffs
  • Spirit of the Wild - Gains a stack of Wild Spirit each round
    • Immune to Disoriented and Distraction Debuffs
    • Chance to Protect Allies
    • Counts as both a Scrapper and Infiltrator, possessing their Advantages and Disadvantages

New Buffs/ Special Abilities

  • Buffs
    • Wild Spirit - All Stats raised by 10%. All Attacks are guareented to Hit.
  • Special Abilities
    • Wildman - Removes all stacks of Wild Spirit to deal Extra Damage.


  1. Wild Attacks. Type - N/A. Target - N/A. Special Abilities - Multi-Function
    1. Savage Strikes. Type - Slashing Melee. Target - One Enemy. Debuffs - Bleeding(2x), Shred(2x). Special Abilities - High Crits.
    2. Poison Tip Spear. Type - Slashing Melee. Target - One Enemy. Debuffs - Poisoned, Tenderized. Special Abilities - Exploit Attrition.
  2. Hunter's Skills. Type - N/A. Target - N/A. Special Abilities - Multi-Function.
    1. Stalking Prey. Type - Debuff. Target - One Enemy. Debuffs - Cowered, Intimidated, Weak Point. Cool-Down - 2 Rounds.
    2. ATTACK!. Type - Ranged Slashing. Target - One Enemy. Debuffs - Cornered, Ravaged, Hobbled. Special Abilities - Hemorrhaging Attack.
    3. Hunting For FUN. Type - Buff. Target - One Ally. Buff - Covered(50%), Berzerker.
  3. The Spirit of the Wild. Type - Slashing Melee. Target - All Enemies. Special Abilities - Wildman, Deadly Crits, Exploit Oppurtunity, Hemorrhaging Attack, Exploit Attrition, High Crits.
  1. Pure Spirit. Type - Buff. Target - Self. Buff - Remove Debuffs, Prevent Debuffs, Protect, Rising Up. Cool-Down - 3 Rounds

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